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Great show Vince

7 months ago reply 1

If we had a world free society there wouldn't be a plutocracy. The plutocrats make the problems for income and come up with some asinine solution to bring in more money thru taxes on the people. Example in point...Monsanto makes the cancer producing pesticides etc then developes synthetic drugs to "cure" it. It's been going on forever. Now when you google Salvini he is labelled as far right and "colluding" with Russia. As well as "The government yesterday decided it would come to the aid of floundering Banca Carige in a surprise move." Fake news? Maybe. I don't trust him but I believe the Europeans are far more aware and ready to act. Hooray for France leading the way. People everywhere are sick of their political parties which are ALL run by their plutocrats. We can't trust or rely on anything that's out there. The American Constitution gave only white male landowners the right to vote and participate in creating the people and for the people! What a bunch of bs. And right in our faces this was accepted by the people...excuse me...the sheep. No thinking..just follow along and everything will be fine. Ha! Apathy makes one an accomplice in his own demise.

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