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Bittersweet episode to hear after following this whole journey. My experience through both Twin Peaks and Now Peaking was completely analog to the hosts; the more disappointed in the direction the hosts were, the more hyped and excited I was. This season rekindled my love for a series I loved as a fan, but leaving season 3 I find myself a fanatic, hungry for anything from that world of Twin Peaks to satisfy me. And this book will work in a pinch; I think this is a fairly good interpretation of events by someone very close to the show, and it had some interesting ideas in it, although I will agree it seemed rushed and incomplete. I will miss the conversation, even though it seems that our intrepid hosts have no interest in revisiting this world. I have enjoyed Now Peaking thoroughly, and I would say it was worth the journey, even to its gutteral, crestfallen end. Good job, everyone, on this great side projec, and I look forward to more content on your other projects!

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