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You say you are a Turkey “Killer” then why didn’t you leave the guide in the truck lol. You listened to all his commands because you were desperate to kill a turkey. Even if I was too lazy to find my own turkeys and paid to hunt private land I would not let someone else do the calling....period. Even if legal requirements require the guide to be with you on the property nothing says you have to let the guide do the calling or direct the setups. I think your delusional on your hunting abilities and the difference in doing the US Slam on your own and hiring guides or piggy backing others to there spots in there state cannot be over stated. Kinda like the first people to climb Everest and the huge lines of people standing on the mountain waiting there turn that happens now. A huge amount of work and determination for the first ones and then a bunch of people paying to follow the leader. Lessens the whole thing imo

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