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After the effects were added, I can't make out what you're saying like the app is glitching - maybe it's just on my phone? About the subject matter tho - it hits home with me. Very big on not looking after myself emotion-wise. I don't do the things I used to enjoy cos there's always something that needs doing. A lot of guilt for myself being happy. And when my wife's on an overnight shift, I really don't look after myself. Feel tired and depressed. Might not eat. Might drink too much. Slept on bed with no sheets one night, as I'd taken them off to be washed but couldn't be bothered to put new ones on that night cos it was just me sleeping there, and why should I deserve to sleep in a nicely made bed on my own? Exactly. I don't. It's only me... Us humans are weird creatures - or again, is it just me? Anyway, loving your work dude, these keep me sane - please don't stop lol

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Also, the sound are very '90s Radio One... Use with caution. I might get myself the applause sound effect though... good ego boost.

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If you are what you eat them next time remember to eat both of the massive legs. On topic, you aren't. Something brilliant happened to me recently and the imposter syndrome kicked in so hard I swear it nearly preceded it!

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