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Charlotte, North Carolina is my hometown. The absurdly gerrymandered District 9 looks like a snake on a map. The cold-blooded racism of the GOP in the Carolinas is the absolute driver of the criminal activity engaged in by the Republican candidate Mark Harris. Prison ex-con fraudster Raeford Dowless was paid nearly $500,000, with a promise of $40,000 dollars as a bonus upon a Mark Harris’s win. I am thrilled that this criminality has been brought into the light on a national level, but fear the news will be obscured quickly. The constant abuse of the truth by the president and his “stooges,” (you nailed it!) produces a steady stream of new shiny objects with which to bedazzle the public. This criminal abuse perpetrated by the GOP has fostered a kind of mental fatigue, a gross disbelief in the political system, and a nagging sense of negativity in the face of repeated loss. I liken it to the story of Sisyphus, him having repeatedly rolled the great stone ball to the crest of the mountain, only to have it roll back over him...again. I would like to believe that my personal political legacy will be the power of my vote, and not the tired tale of my having stolen, at the age of 16, as many Jesse Helms yard signs as I could stuff in my trunk of my ‘66 Mustang. They remain buried beneath a growth of Kudzu vines, under which may lie a Democratic vote or 9000. A deeply researched dive into NC District 09 spanning many years has been expertly provided by journalist Joe Bruno of WCNC. If you want the whole bowl of grits, @JoeBrunoWCNC is the man with the facts. Thank you for an excellent podcast, I look forward to listening again.

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