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First Happy Anniversary and congratulations on staying married for 16 years I am toasting you two with a half glass of chocolate wine. Now on colorism. I am dark skinned and love my dark complexion. My best friend of 59 years we became friends at Douglass Jr high school in 1960 she is very light skinned and in our younger dating years she would always get the fellow because of her skin color men would tell me that they didnt like dark skinned women. I am ashamed to admit that I prefer dark skinned men as opposed to lighter skin men. It may be that I had a cousin that always told me to never date or marry a high yellow man I was a young woman at the time and so I obeyed and that is something that I always did when choosing men to date. Herbert was the lightest skin man that I ever dated Because I liked them coal black tall and a 10 years older than myself (smiling).unity love I disagree on biracial people. I have a cousin she is the daughter of my uncle her mother was white she says she is white not black my family is telling her she is more black than white because our uncle is black and she inherited the dominant gene from him. My uncle her father and her mother are dead I am happy that my uncle is not alive to hear her say she is not black. She married a white man.she doesn't talk to any of us anymore. I noticed darker skinned men with light skinned women usually have these pets names such as my chocolate honey etc. And that irks me. Enjoyed the show

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