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great show! educational ( not Scott Cunningham) and funny

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Thank you for responding 🙌🏾

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You guys are awesome 👏🏽 Love the topics!!!

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Hi! Feather here...thank you for sharing! I truly believe that Spirit has its ways of talking to each and every individual...the only thing we can do for certain people is to pray that they learn to listen...and hope they find a path to happiness. I wish nothing but happiness for you and your family, thank you so much for writing!! This is coming from a Capricorn whose life has changed I KNOW it can be done! Brightest of blessings!

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I was raised a Jehovah's witnesse and while it's a religion that on the outside looks so perfect, I caught on quickly to the negativity that "perfect" can emanate. It's funny I always joke around and say my mom is Satan. I don't believe in Satan obviously being a pagan but my mom is ironically a Capricorn who's corresponding tarot is the devil. And before I knew this lonng before I have always tried to get across to my mom that she needs to confront her inner shadows to be the good person I know is in there. To no prevail however and I truly feel bad she will probably never find the comfort and wisdom that comes within the pagan community and their ways of beliefs. It is very sad

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