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1 months ago reply 0

This is ridiculous!! You don't have enough mics and the volume isn't the same for people have mics. I have been following this case since the beginning. But I'm done listening this crappy audio.

3 months ago reply 0

Why would you put music with vocals behind your voices!!

3 months ago reply 0

What in the is that beeping sound.

3 months ago reply 0

I am on episode 7 and this podcast us no longer working. I have tried for days but with no luck. Its tge only podcast I am having isssues with. Too bad because I was enjoying it... Cannot listen or download to listen.

4 months ago reply 0

I am on episode 7 and I cannot listen to it or any of the immediate episodes afterwards. Any idea why? They will not allow downloading either... So sad. I was enjoying it...

4 months ago reply 0

Stumbled upon this case through true crime garage and immediately after finishing that my whole train of thought was that billy and Kathleen had been having an affair, but I didn't know if they had even met until I started listening to this podcast and In the first hour it came up that maura has sent emails saying that her and Billy were going to stay with Kathleen for the holidays.

5 months ago reply 0

Why can’t I see episode 1??

6 months ago reply 3

I feel like James Renner has pigeon-holed Maura...she was a young, sexually active female so obviously she must have been pregnant!

6 months ago reply 0

Do we know who butch's common law wife is? Has John Smith or anyone other than police ever spoken to her about that night?

7 months ago reply 0

Completely agree. Was a bit painful.

9 months ago reply 0

Also.... If she WAS murdered or abducted .. you have to wonder how ONE GIRL can have SO MUCH bad luck in such a short time = 1. Caught stealing makeup and end to Westpoint career 2. Caught w/ stolen credit card(s) 3. First accident 4. Second accident 5. Possible Abduction / Murder?! Dang.

9 months ago reply 1

Such a mystery... and I love the way these guys think & communicate their thoughts!

9 months ago reply 0

Ryan Kraus' theory makes more sense than anything Ive heard.

10 months ago reply 0

This whole A frame house theory and all the episodes surrounding the house are a huge wild goose chase. She is in the woods!! The clues are there. She was a wreck and had another wreck. Literally. Exclude the whole no track theory. She went into the woods obviously at another point on the road.The dog scent theory has too many holes in it. No way a random killer was lurking in that area. She has been around the whole time. A girl even slightly intoxicated in that shape could have made it very far into the wilderness.

10 months ago reply 0

I appreciate the information but it was really hard to listen to the supervisors rambling

10 months ago reply 1