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"The Dogpound Boyz" made me laugh so hard.

23 hours ago reply 0

For fuck's sake, I saw the twist coming from a mile away and it still hurt. Shit.

3 days ago reply 0

you had me actually worried there for a minute for my otp

4 days ago reply 0

I listened to this episode like 5 times no kidding, I love it so much💙

9 days ago reply 0

Loved that episode! Wtnv at its best💕

9 days ago reply 1

Y’all are freaking evil... wtf? 😠

12 days ago reply 1

Thank you for this amazing podcast! I like how the atmosphere imbues a sense of relaxation and dread at the same time. The mysteries remind me of Gravity Falls.

18 days ago reply 0

You're breaking my heart!

19 days ago reply 3

My heart just shattered....

19 days ago reply 2

So glad he went back to that flat monotone

1 months ago reply 0

Ep 107 had me so confused when the first weather came on

1 months ago reply 0

I love how odd it is! I can listen when I'm stressed out and it always makes me smile.

1 months ago reply 0

All hail the mighty glow cloud

1 months ago reply 0

This episode had such a magical moment when I 'got' it. Just the best. It is what I have come to expect from this talented crew.

1 months ago reply 0

Carlos = a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz

1 months ago reply 1