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Nick Redfern is an awesome guest. Everywhere I here him he is great value.

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I found myself counting Harold's loud inhalations before speaking lik

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This is so strange, for years I've been voicing this theory about time travellers being the explanation for UFOs and also that preminition is the ability to acess the "time net" at a different point from our "time view". I will definitely read this book! Thank you!

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Skipped the first interview when she started going on about "spirit guides". Really enjoyed the solo ghost hunter interview though!

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Great show! One day I’ll call or msg my experience while in rural Alabama...

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I had a conversation about premonitions and how I’ve been increasingly having them lately. Then I listen to this podcast as I skim thru. Can I say precognition? Or premonition? I really needed this website and book. Thank you for airing this!

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Hard to follow...caller needs to see an ENT. Sounds like he has a deviated septum.

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What is the website for precognition

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!Soul food for the mind. Brilliant pod cast. Thank you so so much

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13:33 Did you just say there are "quantum entangled electrons in bird retinas that allow them to see the earths magnetic fields" ?! This guy just made word soup and tried to make himself look intelligent. I checked out at this point.

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Insightful conversation :)

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great guest and fascinating discussion.

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love it!

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Super interesting podcast, thank you 👍 Anastasia Davies

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Very informative!!!... thanks a million!!

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best segment ever!!!!

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super cool!

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R a MN Mc. hi

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CM Storm z. Hi.mmu

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