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Idiot old grumpy man podcast.

6 days ago reply 1

Burn is a complete jackass. What a unemployable fucktard. If you gave this man a hotdog stand it would fall apart.

19 days ago reply 2

An excellent podcast!

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1 months ago reply 3

Cause trump is gonna do biz in Russia when he gets out!!!

1 months ago reply 0

love to see you guys work together

1 months ago reply 2

Thank you so much! :-) I love to listen.

2 years ago reply 2

It would be great to have an episode with senator Al Franken, too.

2 years ago reply 1

Wow Bernie... you have the ability to get people to rally behind you to steal money from people who have earned it. Complaining about the top 1% which you are and you pay less taxes then an average citizen. Here is a suggestion lead by example! Give up the money you have taken from the tax payers and do what you preach! You socialistic old loon. Stopped talking trash about business owner who provide an income for the majority of US citizens which gives them a living. You talk so much trash about what other people have done wrong and you have contributed nothing! By the way, which one of your three homes that you have (which the tax payers have helped you get) do you enjoy the most? I'm assuming it's the beach house. By the why, which one are you letting the refugees stay in? That's right, you want other people to take care of them in a different communities as you live in your gated community. You are a real peace of trash!!

2 years ago reply 4

Thank you for standing up for us, Bernie. We need you! Please run again in 2020.

2 years ago reply 4

Thank you so much Senator for not leaving us, for helping us to move forward, for speaking out, for being honest, honorable and unafraid. #Bernie2020

2 years ago reply 7

I've been following Bernie Sanders since the 90's. The most important politician of our time.

2 years ago reply 6

This is definitely the root of everything that is wrong with our current political system! See the documentary "Inequality for All" on Netflix. We need to educate the public about what really makes things happen rather than the histrionic issues the media distracts us with.

2 years ago reply 5

To the people out there talking about Bernie selling out. I have a question doesn't Trump scare you. His first 100 days have been disastrous. I'm seriously scared.

2 years ago reply 2

Great show but the audio is kind of low

2 years ago reply 1

I listen just as much to opposing parties as I do to people who generally agree with my principles. This is a common sentence that I hear from people who repeat opinions from low researching media outlets. Maybe you are that person, maybe you are the few who dig and derive your own opinions. The sell out idea is silly to me. I get it, people believe that he sold out his base when he endorsed Hillary. It's like people don't understand critical thinking. How does anyone know that he didn't think about it over & over going through the pros & cons of A Trump or Hillary outcome. That's a short sighted goal. What u think that he did was think how can I be in the best position to have the largest impact on the US and be able to influence the most. If he didn't endorse her, he probably wouldn't have gotten his current position. He can now use that platform to continue to put pressure on people to try and fix the problems that he genuinely believes in. It's called taking a hit in the short term, by supporting her to then help push the country in the direction that he believes will help regular people. I think he sacrificed his image a little for the greater good. Noone can prove or disprove motive, but the thing is everything he's done post election has agreed with the same principles that he had pre "so called sell out". He's also written and pushed legeslation that's supports my theory...more than once.

@3sesh3 : What a joke! Can't believe people are still on the bernie train, he sold you out!
2 years ago reply 1