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I usually listen to the show a few times before commenting, but with the current state of affairs in south africa, the stage 4-8 loadshedding, i sometimes have 3 hours of electricity a day.

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i thought Maus had a pretty great set and then saw it was actually Dj Black! Who is this creature that so perfectly blends into the CAD world? I LOVED the last 2 songs of his set the most..yes..the goth ones; Brotherhood and Children on Stun! Thank you for that! Dj Paradise started out slooow, but My Love Kills, Mr Kitty and that Faderhead made me move! Front line Assembly DEFINITELY made my song of the week! Dj Gold started out with an amazing song, Never look back by Darkness on Demand and ended with a great tune by IV Horseman! Great show!!

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I don't even know how to put this! I Loved the singing Dj Paradise! Bluecifer is a great track! Harmjoy is trippy with a good goth voice. Giant monsters on the horizon! Yass! That bass intro! Great song! Dj Maus played Tragic Impulse and also Fragrance which both really rocked. Hands down though, and I cannot believe I am about to say this, Dj GOLD had the best set this week! Every song in the set was great! Especially IV Horsemen, Felix Marc, Acretongue and Blutengel. Thanks for another awesome show CAD!

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Another week another treat! I thought SCHEUBER was a nice mellow one to start off with. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Blutengel!! So dark you can almost touch it ☺☺☺ Die Klute= super impressive choice! Great track. Al Zero is a crazy, chaotic, amazing mix of vibes. Really intersting track. Perhaps my favourite , Polyverse. It drives me crazy. Must be that it is also dark. Fed my dark wolf properly. SO GOTH. 💜🖤💜 And then Fragrance neatly wrapped up your set with a neat little bow and a card saying this set is fucking wicked, and was much enjoyed! Thank you so much!

24 days ago reply 1

eat my shorts.... another great show

29 days ago reply 0

I was surprized by Dj Gold's choices Rue Oberkampf, and also the Rock me Amadeus cover was cool. Very excited that DJ Maus played the new Boy Harsher (since i was introduced to Boy Harsher by maus)! Also loved Deathbed with Dusk. Now as usual, I have a favourite set, and it most definitely will be Dj Paradise. New Future Trail, Schwarzschild, OOMPH!(SO CLOSE TO RAMMSTEIN!) Antilav, and Priest.Every single song in this set is amazing.

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Love the show! Thanks guys for doing what you do and thanks for giving us this show weekly!

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COD is the GOAT!! Goth rules!

2 months ago reply 1

Podbean bug, keeps saying I'm not following you guys, 4th week in a row. Don't worry remembered to re follow and download manually. 🤗

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einfach nur ein geiler Sound

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Hi Kinder der Nacht

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I love this podcast

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