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No matter how far out there you get, its not as far out as this thing really is 😝 who would have thought ? ? heheh... far out, brother .. far out 😌

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Lovely RAMA mantra ❀️

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Brilliant talk. Thank you.

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Ram Das is talking about Advaita Hinduism which predates Buddhism

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As far as working through one's karma is it possible that some karma will not be worked through in this lifetime and so it will continue into the next lifetime?

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The last 5!

9 months ago reply 1

Am i attached to the audio coming through both earbuds? Yes, yes I am.

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I noticed that if I download the file I can play it but it will not just stream

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Has anyone noticed that many of the tracks have errors and will not play?

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How Ram Dass doesn't snap and yell "shut that f***ing kid up" is beyond me. This selfish person ruined this lecture by refusing to carry their noisy baby outside or better yet stay home altogether. Keep your babies off airplanes and out of quit public places!

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Would love to absorb the info but distracted by the incessant lip smacking Haha

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So great. All our social can be dealt with through inner work. At one point Ram Dass says that at the human level suffering stinks. And at the level of pure consciousness, suffering is. The trick is to simultaneously living and working on both planes.

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powerful. disusses freewill and determinism. levels and planes. states of mind. choices.

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Another great talk that I haven't heard before. Learned a lot of info when I self reflect. Ram dass = my hero

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18 mins of small talk before the podcast kills me

2 years ago reply 7

Ragu always talking too deep into the castπŸ˜‘

2 years ago reply 4

Wow! That really hit home! Thank you for this offering πŸ’› 🐯

2 years ago reply 1

Isn't there more android users than iPhone users? Sad that HeartMind isn't available for Android users. Looking forward to it πŸ’›πŸ―

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intellect is an Exquisite servant but a terrible master

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