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love Larry!

2 years ago reply 0

The unprincipled are unfit leaders for free and faithful people. Their disdain for the principles and perspectives of at least half of this Nation and nearly 250 years of Constitutional guidance is disgusting and disrespectful. Unchecked they will bankrupt and destroy our families and in so doing, this Republic. May God grant us the strength and resolve in His way to overcome this evil.

2 years ago reply 0

You talk about how wrong it was for the protestors to commit violence. What violence? The ones who got hurt were victims of their own government! People won’t forget which politicians and pundits were against investigating a fraudulent election. Good luck with your careers.

2 years ago reply 0

Freedom of speech - not expression. Stimulates thought. When a civilization fails to enforces it's laws equally across it's entire population - it stops being civilized. Persecution follows. Why would a legislature want to defund the organization that enforces it's own product? I fear anarchy is at our door.

3 years ago reply 0

highly educational and interesting!

3 years ago reply 0

Educate yourself. Follow and support Prager U!

3 years ago reply 1

We're very lucky to actually now have a president who may even do some of what was mentioned here. Good episode.

4 years ago reply 0

great show!

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