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Frontline is the best.

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Excellent summation of Trump's presidency and its impact on the country.

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This is why I do whatever it takes to not get pregnant. You never know what the future holds. I went through this as a kid and know the struggle. Losing all my stuff in storage, only having meals at school, not having food at home, living in shelters, ect. It's no life for a child. That one couple should not be having another child. Irresponsible.

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a every subjectively done report to me 👍

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Hey I'm living it. And God forbid you made a dumb mistake like I did and pass out on a neighbors couch and catch a felony.... Yes it was an extremely dumb move, but nothing nefarious was intended... I simply blacked out one night after playing a show and waiked into wrong apt and fell asleep. My only legal issue... But combined with the exorbitant cost of rent and the fact the only place you could afford is in an economic dead zone over run with those symptoms of systemic poverty.... Violence, drugs, mental health issues. Etc.

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Please, please, please, please include the year of the broadcast.

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Excellent comentary on events. Very informative

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