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This episode has so much value. I needed to hear this. Thank you! I do need to take my focus off of women and do something else worth while.

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I get girls flaking on me all the time. Good looking, I got some swagger, I dress well. Such a pain in the ass to get her on a date. I feel so frustrated. I get tons of numbers but it goes nowhere.

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omg. this is so interesting . so much of this is so true.. thank you

8 months ago reply 0

I’m a new subscriber and this was a great episode.

9 months ago reply 0

Another powerful episode. This one spoke to me personally. What really resonated was being great even at a job you hate. While I don’t hate what I do now, I hate having to work for someone so much at this point that I routinely give 80% effort. Your reasoning on giving 100% is spot on and encourages me to do just that. Appreciate you guys’ great content as always. - Dave

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True. Something is totally wrong with the audio. Can't listen to it sorry

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Man you got to invest in some good equipment. The quality of your content is high but it gets lost in that Audi quality

9 months ago reply 2

Whats your view of Colombia, like cities like medellin and bogota? Chicks

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I can't believe what im listening it

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best of the best

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