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Great video! So comforting to me at this time in 2019. His Word never fails. Thank you for the encouraging words.

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Thank you for all you do!

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Bethol the house of God. During time of insanity and family drama. Remember we have immediate hope with Christ. 29-Jacob gets deceived 14years of service for Rachel. We reap was we sow. Lea less desirable-Jacob agreed. Consequences set up rivalry between the sisters. Torn of his sibling has siblings that are in rivalry. Galatians 6-harvest What you plant. At just the right time. They are not waiting Gods promise. Looks like they got tired of waiting. Broken family dynamic. A refusal of surrendering to God’s authority. Galatians 4 God is responsible to fulfill His Promises. I am guilty of stepping in God’s way. I have to get out the way & let God do His work.

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Refer to Gen. 12:1-9, Abram obeys (surrenders) he is blessed & he blesses others. 16:1 they took matters into their hands, They did not trust God’s plan. 18 & 21 Isaac born-25 (Mt Mariah) great faith-27 Rebecca-twins/rivals. Deception to Esau & Isaac by MO & Jacob. She tried to make her plans not God’s plan like Sara. When we take matters into our own hands we can destroy. 28-Jacob slept. The bridge-is Jesus Christ & we have a future hope too. (Same hope is offered to us) When we fail there is always hope-promises. God will never leave us and He is faithful. He is not done with us. During our failures. He still loves us.

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Thanksgiving-gratitude. 3 levels. One: Surface gratitude simple abundance. Notice the small gifts in your life. Name them. Count your blessings. Two:Polly Ana gratitude. During pain. The light is there because of the darkness. We are all going to experience pain. Developers ability to find joy through the pain. Third: souls gratitude. Tied to suffering. Grateful for the bad, by seeing what God has given you. God allowed circumstances & pain in your life-we must submit to it. It comes through the Holy Spirit. When I suffer He is with me. Even more. John 15:5 (I am connected to Him) everything I have is from God.

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More of Jesus less and f me, amen

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Thank you. I stand in agreement. 😃

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I want to go through you complete podcast. I bought the audiobook “knowledge of the holy one” Tozar . Thanks. I got out of this was to completely surrender my heart and be at peace under any circumstance knowing God is in full control.

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I really like what you said about not approaching the Bible "like a text book". You are inspiring and motivating. :)

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How do I find your print outs?

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How do we get the show notes?

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What a comfort this podcast was for me. I am going through a health crisis at this time and was encouraged today. God bless you.

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