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  • The Treatment-Free Beekeeping Podcast

    I have been a treatment-free beekeeper since 2003.  In those years I have gathered a lot of information and gained invaluable experience in how to keep bees treatment-free.  Furthermore, I have seen how conventional beekeeping practices are damaging to the bee population and how new beekeepers are often pressured into keeping bees in conventional ways.  I started the Treatment-Free Beekeeping Podcast to help provide information for beekeepers who wish to keep bees in less artificial and medicated ways and to promote treatment-free beekeeping as the only sustainable way to keep the bees healthy and productive for the long term.  Our pollinators support the production of so much of our food, it's important that we support their long term well-being.

    On the Treatment-Free Beekeeping Podcast, I interview interesting beekeepers with experience in answering questions many new beekeepers have, and I interview new beekeepers with questions many have but might be too timid to ask.  Many people have found the podcast a valuable resource in helping them understand hive dynamics, beekeeping practices, and the natural world.  By supporting this podcast, you are assuring that this flow of information continues to provide the help so many beekeepers need.

    Your support will be used to pay for recording equipment, website and podcast file hosting, and costs to communicate with guests from around the world.  I thank you so much for helping me promote treatment-free beekeeping which promotes the integral health and well being of honeybee populations which in turn bring so many benefits to the natural world that surrounds us.

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