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Hacker Valley Studio

We are Ron Eddings and Chris Cochran from the Hacker Valley Studio podcast. We explore the human condition to inspire peak performance in cybersecurity. Join us on our quest to find inspirational stories and knowledge to elevate ourselves and our communities.

The Cyber Ranch Podcast

Ride the cyber trails with one CISO (Allan Alford) and a diverse group of friends and experts who bring a human perspective to cybersecurity.


Join Ron and Chris as they explore the metaverse by way of blockchain, digital art, and virtual reality.

We Are Here

Hacker Valley Media presents: We Are Here - an audio journey and series exploring representation in technology.

Hacker Valley Red

Exploring the nexus of cybersecurity defense and humanity with the mind of a hacker.

Hacker Valley Blue

Exploring the defensive side of cybersecurity through the eyes of the experts and innovators.

To Comply or Not To Comply

Join AJ Yawn on a journey that explores when you have to follow the rules and when to break them.

The 13 Realms Podcast

Welcome to the official podcast of the Kingdom of Dwarves NFT project. Gather around as we share stories from the 13 Realms of the Kingdom of Dwarves. After the tale, hear from creators and artists both inside and outside the project. Pull up a chair and get comfortable, the story begins now...

Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing

In this show, we’re going to hear from cybersecurity marketers who will share their ideas, their successes and failures, so that you can be the best cybersecurity marketer, you can be. Join us every week with a brand new episode, guaranteed to knock your SOCs off. Get it?

Connection Request with Chris Cochran

Unlock the secrets of human connection with Connection Request. Veteran podcast producer Chris Cochran shares his journey from outcast to super networker through the art and science of forming meaningful relationships. Each episode offers stories, insights, and practical tips for navigating social connections digitally and in person. Join Chris as he explores his life and the mysterious world of social neuroscience to understand the magic of human connection.

The Professional CISO

New podcast weblog for professional ciso