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With its eminent scholars and world-renowned Library and Archives, the Hoover Institution seeks to improve the human condition by advancing ideas that promote economic opportunity and prosperity, while securing and safeguarding peace for America and all mankind.


The Libertarian podcast features a weekly conversation with Hoover senior fellow Richard Epstein on the issues of the day.

Matters of Policy & Politics

Matters of Policy & Politics is a Hoover Institution podcast devoted to matters of governance and balance of power at home and abroad. It is hosted by Hoover fellow Bill Whalen.


The Classicist is the weekly podcast of Victor Davis Hanson, scholar, writer, farmer.

Uncommon Knowledge

For more than two decades the Hoover Institution has been producing Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson, a series hosted by Hoover fellow Peter Robinson as an outlet for political leaders, scholars, journalists, and today’s big thinkers to share their views with the world.

Reasonable Disagreements

Hoover fellows Richard Epstein and Adam White discuss major legal and policy issues and debate points of disagreement between their libertarian and conservative perspectives.

The Pacific Century

The 21st century may be the Pacific Century, and China appears poised to become America’s greatest rival for global power and influence. Host Michael Auslin and guests discuss the latest politics, economics, security, and cultural news in China, Asia, and America.

Law Talk With Epstein, Yoo & Senik

A lively (and often funny) look at legislation and constitutional jurisprudence by preeminent law professors Richard Epstein and John Yoo. The show is hosted by Troy Senik.

The Grumpy Economist

The Grumpy Economist Podcast features Hoover Institution Senior Fellow John Cochrane offering analysis and commentary on the news of the day from a humorous free-market perspective.

GoodFellows: Conversations from the Hoover Institution

In uncertain times what’s needed is not just clarity about today’s pandemic, but insight into the challenges that lie ahead as America recovers and returns to normal. GoodFellows, a weekly Hoover Institution broadcast, features senior fellows John Cochrane, Niall Ferguson, and H.R. McMaster discussing the social, economic, and geostrategic ramifications of this changed world.

Hoover Virtual Policy Briefings

The Hoover Institution presents an online virtual briefing series on pressing policy issues, including health care, the economy, democratic governance, and national security. Briefings will include thoughtful and informed analysis from our top scholars.

Talks from the Hoover Institution

Talks and interviews from Hoover Institution events.

The Caravan

The Caravan Podcast provides discussions of politics and culture in the Middle East and the Islamic World with regard to the challenges for American foreign policy.

Battlegrounds w/ H.R. McMaster: International Perspectives

Battlegrounds provides a needed forum with leaders from key countries to share their assessment of problem sets and opportunities that have implications for U.S. foreign policy and national security strategy.

Conversations from China's Global Sharp Power Podcast

China’s rapid accumulation and projection of power on the world stage confronts the world’s democracies and open societies with serious challenges. Beyond the breathtaking modernization and enlargement of the People’s Liberation Army, and its increasingly aggressive and expansionist deployment in the Indo-Pacific region, there is the more subtle—but by no means benign— expansion of China’s “sharp power.”

The Secrets of Statecraft

Secrets of Statecraft is a bi-monthly podcast hosted by Andrew Roberts which explores the effect that the study of History has had on the careers and decision-making of public figures, and which will also ask leading historians about the influence that the study of History had on their biographical subjects. The title is taken from Winston Churchill’s reply on Coronation Day 1953 to a young American who had asked him for life-advice, to whom he said ‘Study History, study History, for therein lie all the secrets of statecraft.’

Economics, Applied

Each episode of the video podcast series Economics, Applied features senior fellow Steven Davis in conversation with leaders and researchers about economic developments and their ramifications. The goal is to bring evidence and economic reasoning to the table, drawing lessons for individuals, organizations, and society. The podcast also aims to showcase the value of individual initiative, markets, the rule of law, and sound policy in fostering prosperity and security.

Stanford Emerging Technology Review

The Stanford Emerging Technology Review (SETR) is the first product of a major new Stanford technology education initiative for policymakers. Our goal is to help both the public and private sectors better understand the technologies poised to transform our world so that the United States can seize opportunities, mitigate risks, and ensure that the American innovation ecosystem continues to thrive.

Free Speech Unmuted

Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Eugene Volokh is one of the country’s foremost experts on the 1st Amendment and legal issues surrounding free speech. Jane Bambauer is a distinguished professor of law and journalism at the University of Florida. On Free Speech Unmuted, Volokh and Bambauer unpack and analyze the current issues and controversies concerning the First Amendment, censorship, the press, social media, and the proverbial town square. They’ll also explain in plain English the often confusing legalese around these issues and explain how the courts and government agencies interpret the Constitution and new laws being written, passed, and decided will affect their everyday lives.

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