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The Content Place helps businesses conceptualize, manage, record, edit and promote your thought leadership through your own podcast series. The podcast series is usually part of a wider "content marketing strategy" and is shared with appropriate national and international audiences.

The C-Suite Spot

Leaders. What keeps you up at night? Welcome to the C-Suite Spot, the podcast series that expands the traditional term of what a ‘boss’ is to tackle some of the most important issues in business from start-up, through step-up, succession planning and scaling a corporate or global business. Leadership can be lonely. In this series we talk with and learn from inspiring leaders from all walks of life, touching on important topics about how to really live, successful business strategies, overcoming challenges, managing an issue or crisis, getting your company structure right and implementing well, making the tough calls, balancing life and work and getting our priorities right. From business as usual and growing your market to everyday leadership issues or handling 100-year events and everything in between – we aim to provide ongoing inspiration and education and a meeting place for CEO’s, founders, management, shareholders and leadership. If you want to say hello or for guest enquiries, please contact

High Altitude

Conversations at the top with Dr John Peebles - business in New Zealand from the perspective of the decision-makers, the risk-takers and the money-makers.

Stirring The Pot

Created by metal minds for metal minds – join us for practical conversations that get to the nuts and bolts of the metals industry here in New Zealand. Connect with leaders & experts from across the globe who talk overcoming key industry challenges, and influencers who cast their eyes to the future. Perfect if you’re time poor but want to keep your finger on the pulse. Prepare to be challenged, informed & inspired!

At Source

Welcome to At Source – a place where natural health and wellbeing is at the forefront of the conversation. Gain useful insights direct from the source – from doctors, industry experts, wellness advocates and everything in between. This is a place for busy people who want to get to the core of health and wellness with information about the latest health advances and trends. Health and wellbeing are often personal and subjective to perception – while one might classify mental health at the top of their list, another might say that clean eating and nutrients is what they focus on. In this series we talk with and learn from inspiring leaders from all walks of life, touching on important topics that will help answer some of the key questions about natural health, wellbeing, fitness and all things direct from the source. To get in touch email:

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