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El Faro de Redención

El Faro de Redención celebra la obra de Cristo en el pueblo cubano y estudia la Palabra de Cristo con un enfoque siempre en su obra de redención. Visita nuestra pagina web para aprender más sobre nuestro ministerio. www.elfaroderedencion.org

Great Stories by Haven Today

David Wollen is the host and president of the internationally syndicated radio program Haven Today. The Great Stories podcast takes some of his favorite conversations from the daily radio program and presents the full-length interview here with some never-before-heard segments. Occasionally, classic interviews will be plumbed from Haven’s vast archive to feature the voice of former speaker and president Charles Morris. Whether from the past or present, each episode includes guests who come from a variety of backgrounds, including bestselling authors, scholars, musicians, and everyday Christians. No matter who is featured, this podcast is a must-listen for those wanting a deeper relationship with Christ in light of what’s happening in the world.

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