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Planet MicroCap Podcast | MicroCap Investing Strategies

Educating the Next Generation of Investors in MicroCap Stocks

Avoiding the Crowd with Maj Soueidan

Weekly podcast discussing microcap and nanocap ideas that have been largely ignored by analysts and financial media. Expert investor, Maj Soueidan, and maybe some friends, will update you weekly on opportunities that can be life-changing to your portfolio.

In the Market Trenches with Gary Ribe and Eric Furey

Weekly podcast highlighting investing stories from the front lines hosted by Gary Ribe and Eric Furey

Compounders: The Anatomy of a Multibagger

Cove Street Capital Portfolio Manager, Ben Claremon, interviews public company executives to understand how successful leaders compound shareholders’ wealth over time. For more information about Cove Street Capital, please visit:

The DeadCaitBounce Experience

The emerging world of crypto and DeFi is riddled with developer speak, unnecessary jargon, and seemingly complex solutions that leave newcomers’ heads spinning. While much of what’s been created thus far may appear to be smoke and mirrors, crypto, DeFi, blockchain technology and the like are not going away. As a TradFi transplant myself, I understand that the learning curve is steep in this nascent space and am making a concerted effort to bridge the gap by bringing in the brightest across the industry to talk shop at a level that even the newest of newbies can follow along with. The DeadCaitBounce Experience is here to help you bridge the gap in crypto education, and onboard you for the future of finance.

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