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Joey Hudson / Just The Truth

Joey Hudson is a conservative Christian, successful businessman and experienced broadcaster who has a passion for seeking the truth in today’s chaotic world. Combining his interest in politics and religion, Joey brings faith, wisdom and keen insight with his straightforward, no nonsense style of talk heard by audiences across the country as a guest speaker, TV guest as well as hosting his own radio show for a decade.

BOLO: ”Jesus Is Coming”/Hosted by Joey Hudson

“Be On The Lookout- Jesus is Coming” helps First Responders discover the Bible’s answers to spiritual fitness. Hosted by Joey Hudson, BOLO encourages you to read the Bible daily to deepen your connection with God and gain the strength you need to face whatever challenges come your way. While intended for First Responders, BOLO’s message of spending time reading God’s word can lead anyone to a deeper relationship with God, a greater understanding of themselves, and a sense of peace and purpose in their lives. For a FREE copy of our Bible and other study guides visit us online at https://firstrespondersbible.org/