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How the Church Works

A deep dive into the inner-workings of the Seventh-day Adventist church, and why you should care.

Sabbath School Rescue

Sabbath School Rescue is a weekly podcast with Michael W. Campbell & Buster Swoopes, Jr. over the Sabbath School lesson. The “Campbell Swoopes” duo (who started this podcast as religion teachers at Southwestern Adventist University) have lively dialogue as they dig deeper into each week’s lesson. Campbell now serves as the Director for the Office of Archives, Statistics and Research at the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, and Swoopes is a Regional Director of Clinical Mission for AdventHealth.

Faith, Reconstructed

What if our perception of God is wrong? A podcast about reconstructing faith from the ground up, hosted by Nicole Dominguez.

A Picture of God: The Audio-drama Series

As we discover truths about God, we begin to see more and more of who He is. In other words, we develop “A Picture of God.” Our goal with the “A Picture of God” Bible study is to share Jesus, so that anyone who seeks Him can see how wonderful and life-changing He truly is. Listen to 16 episodes of the Audio-drama series and go to www.apictureofgod.com for in-depth lessons.

Just Liberty

Just Liberty: Where Justice and Liberty Meet The whole idea of religious freedom in America has taken a PR hit. For some, it’s a cover for bigotry or tool for Christian nationalists; for others it’s the last line of defense in a society that’s becoming hostile to traditional faith. Is there a better way to think and talk about religious freedom in America that doesn’t buy into political extremes? Join hosts Alan Reinach, executive director of the Church-State Council, who has been litigating religious liberty cases for nearly 40 years, and Bettina Krause, editor of Liberty Magazine, which has been at the forefront of religious liberty conversations since 1906. Together, they interview experts in law, politics, and faith, and tackle tough religious freedom questions, not just from the courts but also from culture. Listen to Just Liberty for a fresh, balanced take on religious liberty and church-state issues. Coming Spring 2024. Subscribe now so you never miss an episode.

Beast and Bible

Hosted by Dr. Seth Pierce, Beast & Bible explores the intersection of the “monstrous”, religion, and popular culture. Informed by academic thought, each episode features accessible dialogue that doesn’t fall into sensationalism, conspiracy theories, or the pitfall of becoming blind pop culture apologists. Instead, this show reveals how the study of monsters can help us become better people - maybe even better people of faith.


Reflexionando sobre Dios para reflejar a Dios. Un diálogo informal sobre temas teológicos, buscando cómo aplicarlos en los problemas y situaciones actuales de la vida. Alojado por Gerardo Oudri. Lanzamiento Verano 2022.

They Also Served: Stories of Adventist Women

Join historian Heidi Olson Campbell as she uncovers the untold stories and ”unvisited tombs” of women who made the Seventh-day Adventist church what it is today. Launching Spring 2024.

Advent Next Theological Podcast

Theological Bible Video Podcast with PhD Professors, Experts and Professionals on Life, Faith, Culture and History from a Christian Perspective.

Church Talk with Dr. Joe Kidder

Church Talk brings you a dynamic exploration of theology, community, and practical ministry, all through the lens of our Adventist faith. Author, pastor and seminary professor These thought-provoking conversations with theologians, pastors, church administrators, and rising young leaders to bring you conversations that will impact your relationship to ministry and the church.