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Transitional Justice in America

Transitional justice describes the measures countries put into place to address legacies of conflict and human rights abuses. In the absence of any formal transitional justice mechanism in the US, Sites of Conscience are ideal places to facilitate and foster discussion around truth, justice, and reconciliation. To help American sites learn from the work already being done around the world, we paired up US-based Sites of Conscience with Sites of Conscience members in Colombia, The Gambia, South Africa, and Sri Lanka - all countries that have, or are currently undergoing transitional justice processes. In this series, participants will revisit these conversations, sharing what they have learned with you, our listeners. This podcast is a program of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience. Production by Better Lemon Creative Audio.

Historias en Común

Historias en Común es una serie sonora que explora la resistencia de quienes habitan diversos rincones de Colombia. En estos nueve episodios, creados en colaboración con quienes protagonizan las historias, viajaremos a Buenaventura, La Macarena, Antioquia, Amazonas, Chocó, Palenque, Cereté y El Cauca. Una producción de Colectiva Normal, para la Coalición Internacional de Sitios de Conciencia, en el marco del proyecto de apoyo a la sociedad civil colombiana de la Iniciativa Global por la Justicia, Verdad y Reconciliación (GIJTR).

The Making of Atrocities: Is Racism a Risk Factor?

This series will address racism as a risk factor for atrocity crimes on a global scale. We will be doing this within the framework of racial justice and anti-racism. Each episode will explore manifestations of racism, from the racialized capitalism of colonialism and slavery to contemporary racial injustices in policing, media, and the economy. Our expert guests will help expose how these manifestations increase the risk of atrocity crimes. This podcast is a production of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience and the Global Initiative for Justice, Truth, and Reconciliation.

Las Mujeres Cuentan

Una serie de podcast que cuenta las experiencias de conflicto, reconciliación y paz de las mujeres en Colombia.

Transforming Transitional Justice

”Transforming Transitional Justice” is a podcast from the Global Initiative for Justice, Truth and Reconciliation, a flagship program of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, a global network of historic sites, museums and memory initiatives that support communities to confront painful pasts in order to establish more just and peaceful societies today.