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The Wellness Couch

100 Not Out

Want to know what is the secret is to aging well? To live with quantity AND quality of life? To live independently, with vitality, vigour, energy, enthusiasm and complete love for your life? Well, there are hundreds of “secrets”, you can have both quantity and quality, and on 100 Not Out Dr Damian Kristof and wellness coach Marcus Pearce interview the people that are living their lives with all of the above.

This Week In Wellness

Brett Hill brings you This Week In Wellness, the health news highlights you need. Every week Brett scours the globe to find the most relevant and important health news highlight to bring to his tribe. In just 5 minutes he will get you up to date with the news and share his opinion of what this means for you. So tune in to stay up to date on the wellness world in just 5 minutes a week. Brett Hill brings you This Week In Wellness, the health news highlights you need. Every week Brett scours the globe to find the most relevant and important health news highlight to bring to his tribe. In just 5 minutes he will get you up to date with the news and share his opinion of what this means for you. So tune in to stay up to date on the wellness world in just 5 minutes a week.

Self Love Podcast

Welcome to the self-love podcast a show that cracks open your heart and inspires a deeper regard for your own wellbeing and happiness. Expert interviews, ‘how-to’ quickies and deep dive conversations into the heart of our souls, unravelling the mystery, struggles and joys of simply being human.

Wellness Women Radio

Wellness Women Radio is brought to you by women’s health experts Dr Ashleigh Bond, the pregnancy and birthing guru, and the queen of hormone imbalances – the period whisperer herself, Dr Andrea Huddleston. The Wellness Women are raising the bar for women’s health by bringing you the most up to date information on all things health, hormones & fertility. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so you never miss an episode and follow us on social media @thewellnesswomenofficial, @drandrea.xo & @drashleighbond

The Lady Palace Podcast

Lady Palace is the union of Bella Rothel and Amanda Waaldyk, two women on a mission to shake up the status quo around women’s health. This is a platform to bring forward conversations that perhaps could be considered taboo. To put it really simply, we want to connect women back into their lady palace, empower them about their divine powerhouse that is their womb space and how to really thrive, throughout every stage of life.

Health, Happiness & Human Kind

Each week Steph Lowe speaks with experts from all over the world in the areas of nutrition, microbiome health, environmental sustainability, psychology, meditation and more. Together we’ll teach you the answers to becoming healthy, happy and a more conscious human, and why your contribution to the planet truly matters.

Nourishing the Mother

Mothering can be an inspired journey to our most glittering, authentic, passionate, creative and connected selves. Through the mirror offered to us by our children, we are taken to every hurt, unmet need, and also every joy and excitement we’ve ever experienced. We want every woman and mother to give themselves and those around them the compassion, love and healing they so readily offer their children, but rarely allow themselves. Journey with us as we discuss the many layers of being a mother today, where we have come from and where we want to go. Learn tools to connect with yourself, offer compassion to those parts we’d rather deny and get back in love with yourself, motherhood and who you are as a feminine woman.

Quirky Cooking Chats

The Healthy Family Podcast

Straight Talking Natural Health

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine… Waking up and feeling ready to face the day... with a smile. Having more energy for your partner and kids (or furkids!). Fitting into your jeans and feeling good about your body. Knowing what to eat and enjoying your food - without guilt or confusion. And best of all… feeling relaxed, happy and in control of your health. It’s all possible. I will show you how. Get ready to live a happy, healthy, energised life with Straight Talking Natural Health – a no-BS, tell-it-like-it-is wellness show, brought to you by qualified naturopath and functional medicine practitioner, Jules Galloway. Listen to interviews with inspiring wellness industry leaders as we endeavour to answer your most burning health questions. Together we will discuss what works… and what doesn’t. We will explore ways to reduce stress, prevent burnout, heal your adrenals, overcome chronic illness and create a life where you can thrive again. And all in a fun, non-ju...

The Healthy Shift Worker

When it comes to shift work struggles – there are many! From chronic fatigue and tiredness to sleep-deprivation, having no energy to exercise, weight fluctuations, a depleted immune system, digestive complaints, nervous system dysregulation and a disrupted family and social life. It’s certainly not easy working 24/7 and you’re not alone in feeling this way. In this podcast, Audra speaks with experts on sleep, nutrition, weight management, stress relief and a realm of other topics relevant to shift work health. Audra also interviews current and former shift workers from an array of different industries and occupations, who are essentially the real experts behind working 24/7. This fun, informative and engaging podcast will leave you feeling motivated and inspired, and that you’re not alone in feeling like some kind of weird, nocturnal animal stuck in a wheel going round and round in circles.

Up For A Chat

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall when three international speakers, best-selling authors and celebrated business women get together and have a chat discussing issues on health, wellbeing, relationships and mindset? Well here’s your chance to hear a trio of professional specialists working with the guys on the Wellness Couch – and they’re up for a chat! These girls are about challenging the norm and challenging traditions. They believe tapping into one’s innate intelligence and using a common sense approach is what makes positive change. They are your professional reminders teaching new truths about health, discussing issues you have thought about – even issues you may not have thought about. Up For A Chat is not just facts, figures and status quo this podcast series is about thinking outside the square, doing things differently so that you can make a difference in your life, in your families life, and not become a sickness statistic mentally, emotionally and physically.

That Paleo Show

Dr Brett Hill (Chiropractor) is passionate about helping people get healthy naturally and believes that your body needs no help to perform at it’s best, just no interference. This show will help you get back to basics and redefine the way you eat, think, and move in order to maximise your innate potential.

Go Vita Podcast

The Go Vita podcast is the dedicated show of Australia’s largest health food co-op. A season of Go Vita podcasts are released in conjunction with the Go Mag – Go Vita’s quarterly magazine full of insights on how to live your healthiest life. At Go Vita, we are committed to making a difference in our local communities with ethical, quality products and honest health advice. What began as a small group of passionate retailers in the early eighties has now grown and developed into a successful distribution and retail business. A centralised distribution centre in Sydney services 150+ Go Vita Retail health shops across Australia. All independently owned and operated, Go Vita health shops bring together the unique talents, skills and passion of the individual owners and their staff to ensure a personal approach to our customers’ health, wellness and vitality needs. Each Go Vita store has its own unique style, and plays a vital role in their local community, providing honest health and w...

Your Exceptional Life

Your Exceptional Life with Marcus Pearce is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping you RISE to magnificent in each area of your life. Niching your business is one thing, but niching your life is disastrous. Whether it’s the career-minded workaholic who makes no time to invest in relationships, children or a healthy lifestyle OR the busy mum who is too tired to work on the marriage, her friends and the things she truly loves. These are just two stereotypical examples of how we have over-niched our lives and unconsciously allowed mediocrity to become acceptable. Each week Marcus looks at one area of the Exceptional Life – life purpose (career), movement, social, nutrition, love and relationships, growth, wealth and spirit – and discuss small but seismic shifts that can make a massive difference in our quality of life. Up until around 2006, Marcus lived anything BUT the exceptional life. A workaholic smoking, binge-drinking processed food and Red Bull-guzzling TV and radio producer fo

Primal Alternative Podcast

Join Primal Health Coach and Mum Helen Marshall as she delves into the health journeys of real people with real stories about real food. Soak up the actionable tips on how to make your primal journey more doable and sustainable. Reclaim your health by getting back to the foods we evolved and thrive on as species. Goodbye deprivation and chronic cardio and hello intuitive eating and go with the flow workouts.

The Barefoot Movement Podcast

The barefoot movement podcast is dedicated to empowering you, to take control of your body, helping to support yourself naturally from the ground up. Join Paul Thompson – The Barefoot Podiatrist fortnightly as he explores through his and his guests expertise and experiences , how you too can live a Barefoot Lifestyle to reduce pain and improve performance. Build a body that supports you, not a body that relies on support!

Speak Up & Engage

Bringing inspiration and empowerment to the Youth of Today, the Speak Up and Engage Podcast hosts will explore what it means to be healthy, well, vital, fit and high on life! Asking the BIG questions about depression, anxiety, food, relationships, family, love, drugs, alcohol, stress and more, this show will uncover the secrets to overcoming challenges while revealing the TRUTH we all crave and search for when it comes to living our best lives! This podcast is perfect for everyone from 10 to 25 years old and will promote regular social activities on the Sunshine Coast, in conjunction with the Sunshine Coast Council, giving more of our youth the opportunity to live, laugh and love being outdoors, in nature and surrounded by like-minded friends!

Be the Queen of Your Stress

A podcast designed to help inspire change in how you see, manage and use your stress. So you can be the Queen of your Stress not your Stress being the Queen over you.


The Herpreneur show is on a mission to help amplify your greatness in business and in life. Join award winning entrepreneur Annette Lackovic as she shares with you life changing interviews and world class education from other success entrepreneurs in business, health, wellness and happiness. Helping you build your business empire without the burnout allowing you to up-level and thrive as an unstoppable business women.

The Wellness Breakthrough

Marcus Pearce and Brett Hill are fascinated by what it takes for someone to really breakthrough on their health and wellness journey. Many, many people are stuck in a rut. They want to make changes but are not sure how to start, they are unable to get started or they are unable to make it stick. For some people though there comes a time when all these changes. They are able to break through. They make a change and they make it stick. What is different about these people? What is different about this time? Each week Marcus and Brett interview everyday people about their Wellness Breakthrough to find out the key ingredients required to really break through and live the life you have always dreamed of. So tune in and learn from these inspiring everyday heroes.


Healing can be a challenging and lonely journey at times, and there is nothing more inspiring then hearing other’s healing stories to encourage, and most importantly…give HOPE. Flourish is really about hope, hope that there a way that you can heal yourself, your family, your children, your parents, even your friends. In this show you will hear everyday people share their story and experience with healing, some using the GAPS protocol, and some healing with other modalities. You will hear stories covering a whole range of issues, with different challenges and triumphs, plus pearls of wisdom for those embarking on a similar journey. There is something to gain from every episode, and if you are working through a specific issue you can scroll through and read the titles to see which episodes are most relevant to you. If you have an inspiring healing story to share and you would like to be on the show, send an email to


Eudaemonia is a classical Greek word best defined as “human flourishing”. It is central to the virtue ethics of Aristotle and essentially calls for us to strive for a “good life”. In this podcast, holistic wellbeing coach, Kim Forrester, takes a deep-dive into the characteristics and daily habits that can enhance our experience of life – such as generosity, temperance, courage, honesty and joy. On each episode, Kim interviews researchers, experts and ‘inspiring examples’ about a specific trait and explores how we can each integrate these elements into our lives and amplify them in our world. Intelligent, intriguing and authentic, the Eudaemonia podcast offers an inspirational and thought-provoking view of what it means to ‘flourish’ in life.

Wild Awake Women

Wild Awake Women ‘The Heart Chronicles of Wild Awake Women’, host Imogen Bailey explores the journeys of women who have taken risks, made changes and are following their hearts. You will find insightful tips and wise woman life hacks. You will enjoy animated life stories and find out just how the women Imogen interviews decided on and fiercely followed their heart paths. You will be elevated, inspired and held in a sisterly embrace. Dedicated to the passing down of women’s stories, just as women have done since the dawn of time, we sit in circle and we listen to the voices of our sisters. Deep down we are all wild awake women. Host Imogen Bailey is a women’s circle educator, a birth and end of life doula, an actor and television personality. Imogen has a deep passion for the stories of women and their growth. Join her for a fortnightly story sharing session.

Inside the Champion’s Mind

Inside the Champion’s Mind is hosted by Laurence Tham. It is focused on the strategies and tactics to help you becoming the best you can be and become a WORLD CLASS leader in anything you do.

The Healthy Exception

What happens when a young woman gets sick whilst trying to conform to society’s unnatural and damaging lifestyle? She decides that she’s going to start doing the exact opposite of everyone else around her (and have an absolute ball doing so!). Join Blogger, Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine student and qualified Health and Lifestyle Educator Rachel Favilla, as she uses her years of research, innate intuition, common sense and playful personality, to educate the younger generation (and anyone else who will listen) on how to live an exceptional, vibrant, healthful, fulfilling and enjoyable life. Discover how to fall in love with looking after yourself and gain the confidence to go against the grain when it comes to society’s conventional and ‘politically correct’ lifestyles. This podcast is a haven for adolescents that want to make the change but have no idea where to start. In a world full of Netflix, energy drinks, alcoholic experimentation and Macca’s runs, being a healthy teen can be

Homebase Hope: All About Autism

Homebase Hope: All About Autism inspires you to think differently when it comes to autism. Occupational therapist, personal trainer, GAPS practitioner and passionate autism advocate, Rhiannon Crispe interviews leading world experts who aren’t held back by conventional dogmas. She chats to inspirational and courageous parents and people on the spectrum who are part of a grassroots movement for autism awareness, action and inclusion.

MG Herbs - The Naked Naturopath

Melissa Gearing is The Naked Naturopath, and not just because she likes to get her kit off! Mel is passionate about stripping back the seemingly complicated advice that surrounds us in the world of health and wellness. With six years experience in health food and three clinic spaces seeing clients one on one, she is able to answer all of your health questions straight up. Mel has never been one to beat around the bush and is fast talking and acting in life, providing answers that give you the knowledge and tools to make a change. Mel doesn’t believe in fads, one-offs or short term fixes and aims to give simple, balanced and practical advice when it comes to the health of you and your family. On this podcast, Mel will educate you on the use of herbs for healing purposes, the same way we can use food as medicine for chronic disease and preventative medicine. This is traditionally what herbal medicine was; The head of the house (usually the woman) would have an arsenal of local her...

Rockstar Birth Radio

Welcome to Rockstar Birth Radio! I’m your host Shalome and this podcast is for pregnant mamas who are seeking a fabulous birth experience. So let’s step away from the scary and fearful view of birth and dive into the rich birthing wisdom and powerful birth stories, to inspire you to rock your birth, your way.

BestMe Radio

In an attempt to provide YOU with the Information, Inspiration and Tools that will empower you to step into the best version of yourself.

The Inspired Optimist

It’s time to wake up, taste the salt and sunshine and start living! Tune in every fortnight for your dose of inspiration as Dr Jacinta Di Prinzio (DC) dives into all things lifestyle, food and attitude. Learn about how to take back control of your health so that you can free the true vibrancy that lives inside you, screaming to get out.

Wendy's Way

Wendy’s Way is a podcast dedicated to helping you on your daily journey through Life. I hope to inspire, enlighten, educate, empower, motivate, and support you by sharing my story and the stories of others who will do the same for you. I have struggled with my weight and wellness for over 20 years and I finally feel like I am on the road to recovery and wellness. I want to share my highs and lows, my success and failure openly and honestly with all of you and hope that my story will give you the courage to change your story. I plan to interview everyday people who are on their wellness journey’s and learn from them and let their stories inspire and empower us all. I would like us all to realise we are never feel alone, there is help and support in so many ways, we just have to have to courage to ask for it and accept it. One of my favourite sayings of all times is “It takes a Village”, I hope you will become part of the Wendy’s Way Village and go on your own journey towards your b

Mum's The Word

Natural, Honest & Reliable Resources from Experts & Mums


BACKchat is hosted by chiropractors Dr. Paul Bergamo with Dr. Anthony Coxon. BACKchat is a thought provoking health podcast, empowering you to live to your true, health potential.

One Minute Mindfulness

OMM show is overflowing with conversations, interviews and experiences.

The anilc’s Podcast

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