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The Dialectic: A Podcast by Fair Observer

Your hosts are Atul Singh, a Rajput from India, and Glenn Carle, a Boston WASP from the US. Atul is the founder, CEO and editor-in-chief of Fair Observer, an independent media organization that has published more than 2,500 voices from over 90 countries. Glenn is an ex-CIA officer who retired as the Deputy National Intelligence Officer and the author of The Interrogator. Atul and Glenn dive deep into issues of importance for our times. Together, the Rajput and the WASP look beneath the surface and look around the corner to make sense of the world.

FO° Podcasts

Fair Observer is an independent, nonprofit media organization that engages in citizen journalism and civic education. Our digital media platform has 2,500 contributors from 90 countries, cutting across borders, backgrounds and beliefs. With fact-checking and a rigorous editorial process, we provide diversity and quality in an era of echo chambers and fake news.

The Dr. Rod Berger Show

”The Dr. Rod Berger Show,” self-hosted by the global journalist Dr. Rod Berger, invites you to step behind the curtain of global influence and the crafting of policy. With a career highlighted by deep conversations with the ”who’s who of the world”—from celebrated athletes and entertainers to the pivotal leaders of NGOs and political spheres—Berger has circled the globe, collecting narratives that have helped sculpt our contemporary landscape. Now, he shifts the focus to the often-overlooked masterminds of our times: the thinkers and builders behind critical movements and decisions that have nurtured communities, fortified democracy, and steered through the complex seas of geopolitics. Brought to you by Fair Observer, ”The Dr. Rod Berger Show” aims to shed light on those whose efforts are typically hidden from the public eye yet whose influence is permanently woven into the societal fabric. Engaging in deep conversations with government and military heads, key cabinet members, forward-thinkers, and top-tier intelligence operatives, Berger intends to uncover the layers of public perception to share the personal narratives, obstacles, and victories of those scripting the policies and actions that drive our democratic and geopolitical narratives. Prepare for an insider’s perspective that ventures beyond the surface stories to the heart of commitment, intrigue, and strategic planning behind the significant headlines of our era. This show is not merely a collection of interviews; it’s a portal to the nuanced interplay of power, duty, and the human effort that molds our existence. Follow Dr. Rod Berger as he navigates us through the stories that chart our shared path, illuminating the voices that orchestrate from behind the scenes. ”The Dr. Rod Berger Show” is an homage to the relentless dedication of those who plot the direction of our global community in their quest for the collective benefit.