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Bayer Media Conferences

Bayer‘s group media conferences on demand

Headlines of the Future

Many great inventions of humankind are based on science and research – and had a tremendous impact on improving people’s lives. We are again looking at science and technology as we are confronted with pressing global challenges from climate change to environmental degradation to feeding and caring for a growing and aging population. Join our host, Kate Hayes, as she talks to visionary scientists, thought leaders and entrepreneurs, to explore how science and technology of today are paving the way for tomorrow’s innovations, ensuring a better future for all.

Bayer Investor Events

Bayer’s investor events on demand

Bayer Career Talk

What happens when two Bayer employees who have never met before get together on a blind date? We don’t know, but one thing’s for sure: you’ll get refreshing insights into working at a global company, various career tips and shared experiences from all over the world. Subscribe to the channel to stay tuned for new episodes - and follow us on social media for the latest news on career topics at Bayer!

The Tomorrow Farm

The stories, technologies, and human ingenuity behind the noble science of modern agriculture.