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Pause To Go Podcast: What You Need to Know About Menopause and Midlife Transitions

On Pause to Go, Bree Luck walks you through life’s sticky spots — from Middle school through Menopause -- so that you can turn life’s Transitions into brilliant Transformations! You can expect weekly interviews with experts, real talk with amazing humans, and conversations about making the most of every phase of life. Topics include Health, Wealth, Hormones, Family, Romantic Relationships, Career Changes, Sexuality, and more!

Happyish Ever After: Love Your Life, Build Emotional Wellbeing, And Lose Weight

This podcast is about having tools and perspectives that help us all live our best life - not avoiding the ups and downs but learning and growing into our own truth. I grew up believing that if I could have the perfect life - which meant the if I was able to have the perfect body, perfect career, perfect family (see a trend yet) then I would be living the fairytale and would be happy. But I finally figured out that ”perfect” isn’t a thing and the fairytale was never real. In fact, I learned that I was never going to find happiness or fulfillment in a story that written by someone else.My hope is that when you listen to this podcast it feels like having a conversation with a trusted friend. The people who come on the podcast bring their unique perspective and generously share their insight. You will walk away inspired and with tools and knowledge to start the journey of writing your own story. Welcome to the real story - your story.

Her Leading Story: What happens when talented and professional women find fulfilling work

Calling all women who aspire to take on a leadership role - at work, at a volunteer organization, or in politics! Her Leading Story is a podcast about women’s leadership. Each week, you’ll hear from female leaders about their struggles, their big moments, and their passion for their work. I’m your host, Julie Artis, a leadership and career coach, sociology professor, longtime academic administrator, and a single mom of two teens. I hope this podcast will inspire you, I hope it will make you think, and I especially hope it will help you realize the world needs YOU to lead.

Help Me See - Living Through Seeing

Vulnerable, real conversations challenging the norm & empowering you to harness your intentional vision for your purposeful life. Artist & Educator Bianca Morra hosts conversations with inspiring guests and personal audio journal style solo episodes with unabashed honesty. We explore a wide range of subject matter linked through self discovery & intentional vision. Root into the practice of staying awake to your life. See more, now.

Finding Harmony Podcast

What is a spiritual practice? How does it work? How will it improve my life? How will deepening my self-care transform me? What strategies can I use to improve my life, increase my health, and create wellness? How can craft a life that I love? The Finding Harmony Podcast gets to the root of all these questions. Each episode is full of inspiration, humour, honest observations, and actionable steps that you can integrate to enhance your experience of self-love, develop a connection to Spirit, and create a life you truly love.

Well, That Was Awkward

Awkward stories, big laughs, (pretty much) zero judgment. Join Mendy and Bree, your utterly unqualified awkwardness experts, as they unpack hilarious, cringeworthy moments from people like you. Get ready to say ”Oh noooo!” out loud, then secretly feel better about your own life.


Maggie and Urvi here! We are on a mission to break free of the formulaic ways we’re told to live and instead, dance with the nuance of life. We believe that the path to transformation and ultimately freedom is found there - in the space between. Between idealism and structure, between dreams and form, between have to do and crave to do. Join us each week as we notice the ways we can limit our growth by either/or thinking and how we can start to reshape these perspectives. It’s a matter of keeping an open mind and creating the structures that work FOR you.

Rubber Meets The Road Economics: Exploring the forces shaping our economy with Professor Edwin T. Burton

Welcome to ’Rubber Meets The Road Economics,’ where investor Hunter Craig and Professor Edwin T. Burton from the University of Virginia explore the forces shaping our economy. Each episode breaks down complex economic concepts into clear, relatable insights. From globalization and technology to behavioral economics and policy impacts, we cover the topics that influence your daily life. Whether you’re an enthusiast or just curious, join us for engaging discussions that deepen your understanding of economics. Subscribe now and follow us for updates.