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State Tax Talks with Joe Tantillo

Taxes can be interesting! Taxes can be fun! Taxes can also cost people and businesses a lot of money if they’re not paid or collected properly. That’s why the Hodgson Russ LLP State & Local Tax Practice is ready to un-complicate some of New York State’s most complicated tax laws and requirements for you. Subscribe to our podcasts for instant access to the latest episodes of “State Tax Talks with Joe Tantillo.” *This podcast does not provide legal advice.

The Semi Interesting Podcast with Nathaniel Lucek and Elizabeth Morris

Looking for a way to stay on-top of the latest developments in the global semiconductor industry? Look no further than “The Semi Interesting Podcast.” Hodgson Russ LLP partner Nathaniel Lucek and Pure Storage’s Legal Director of IP & Product Elizabeth Morris will break down the latest legal issues facing the industry, with a particular focus on intellectual property and commercial contract issues. To Nathaniel and Elizabeth, the semiconductor industry is more than “semi interesting” – it’s exciting. In terms of revenue, money spent on research and development, and the global workforce, the industry is huge. Yet as we all know, most industries are actually quite small. The semiconductor industry is no different. Nathaniel and Elizabeth offer a unique perspective on some of the issues facing the industry, both having in-house experience at semiconductor capital equipment or chip manufacturers. In each episode, Nathaniel and Elizabeth will be joined by attorneys and executives to highlight some of the issues facing the industry, as well as offer some practical takeaways. Join Nathaniel Lucek and Elizabeth Morris for “The Semi Interesting Podcast.” *This podcast does not offer legal advice.