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DevInsider - The story of the Israeli tech companies

This is the story of tech companies in Israel, from the garage all the way to the cupcakes, and beyond. Language: HebrewRecorded in: Israel, 2019-2020develeap is a bootstrapped company that allows software development companies and organizations make the best use of their development structure. We will assist in picking the right architecture, technology and processes that allow fast uploads to a cloud or website. We teach and train DevOps for your needs.

Develeap’s Tech Tuesday Unboxed

Listen to leading DevOps and tech experts who talk about the latest trends and best practices, reshaping the industry. In every episode, our host, Amir Shalem, DevOps Squad Leader at Develeap, talks with a friend of Develeap, a leading DevOps expert. Tech Tuesday Unboxed unlocks a wealth of insights that can drive your next DevOps solutions, from Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery, Cloud to Kubernetes, Logging to Monitoring, and Production use cases. This is your go-to source for everything new in DevOps. This podcast is a review of Develeap’s Tech Tuesday Webinar. Don’t miss our live coverage of the latest DevOps trends, demos, and in-depth discussions.

Develeap’s DevOpsx2

Short episodes. Big DevOps ideas. A podcast about the essential DevOps concepts you need to know. Tune in to learn from Kobi Avshalom, CTO and Head of Delivery at Develeap, and Dr. Shani Horowitz-Rozen about the leading technologies, approaches, and best practices in the field of DevOps today. Everything you need to know about DevOps - one episode at a time.

Develeap’s Return on Love

Conversations with Dori Kafri, CEO of Develeap, about management, leadership, self-improvement, vision, and leading successful teams. Love? We use “love” in a deeper sense of caring and connection. Love is forming a strong sense of purpose that inspires our people, creating a positive and productive work environment, and building deeper connections with our customers. This isn’t just a nice-to-have - it’s a key driver of performance and results. Tune in to embrace the develeap difference of leading a people-first and employee-owned company, and inspire your leadership worldview. Inspiration awaits here.

Develeap Talks

Develeap Talks, where curiosity meets expertise! Join the Develeap team for fresh insights and analysis covering DevOps, technology, innovation, and what fascinates us in the world around us. Join the conversation!

DevOps for Non-DevOps

New podcast weblog Explaining DevOps concepts one episode at a time. Does the DevOps jargon seem confusing? We’ve all been there. But don’t worry, Develeap’s experts are here to help you dive into the wonderful world of DevOps with light, funny, and easy-to-understand explanations of every concept you should know to ace your next professional conversation. Lina Yarovinsky, HR at Develeap, hosts our finest DevOps engineers: Arnon Tzori, Yotam Halperin, and Christina Babitski, who are bringing a fresh perspective to DevOps, sharing their knowledge on everything from Continuous Integration to Docker and everything in between. They answer questions and provide practical guidance for anyone looking to understand the basics of DevOps. So, if you’re an HR, marketing, finance, or DevOps enthusiast, here is the place to learn everything you need to know about DevOps concepts! Tune in to talk the DevOps talk!

Debugging Human Communication

Dr. Shani Horowitz-Rozen is on a mission to help techies break the binary barrier between tech and communications and learn how to influence and transform every tech conversation into an opportunity. Looking to shape your career, impress at interviews, and sway your peers? Dr. Horowitz-Rozen offers you the keys to excelling in communication: How to communicate your ideas, develop your brand, captivate your audience, and stand out in the tech field. We believe that everyone should be able to communicate effectively, regardless of their background. Let’s explore how to tell your tech story!