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Arcade Couch

Arcade Couch is the Explosion Network’s premiere video games podcast featuring discussions on the latest games, tech, industry news and more. Available every Monday at 6 AM AEST

Platinum Explosion: A PlayStation Podcast

Every Wednesday join Dylan Blight & Ashley Hobley as they discuss the latest releases and hottest news in the PlayStation family.

What Do You Wanna Watch?

The Explosion Network’s premier media podcast. Join Ashley Hobley and Dylan Blight every week to discuss all the current news in TV, film and online media.

Arcade Couch: Between The Cushions

Arcade Couch: Between The Cushions is our fortnightly chat about whatever we want before recording Arcade Couch. This supplementary podcast is perfect if you would like to hear a little bit more from your favourite Arcade Couch hosts and what’s happening in their lives outside of video games.

All-New Marvel Cast

All-New Marvel Cast is about discussing all things MCU including the Marvel movies and tv shows. Join Ashley Hobley and other members from as they breakdown the latest news, trailers, theories and releases in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A Very Explosion Network Christmas

Celebrate the holidays with Explosion Network as they discuss various Christmas films and TV series in this seasonal podcast event.

Fish Fingers and Custard: Doctor Who Aftershow

Fish fingers and custard! Yum! Join the Explosion Network to discuss the latest episode of Doctor Who and make sure you have the correct snack.

Holocron Entries

Holocron Entries records show reviews, discussions, and news on Star Wars from the films to the Disney+ series. Home to The MandaLOREians: A Mandalorian Aftershow and The Very Bad Batch: A Bad Batch Aftershow.

It’s About Family: The Fast & Furious Podcast

Each week in the lead up to Fast and Furious 9 we shall be cracking a Corona to discuss the films, characters, music and more of the Fast Saga.

The Lord of the Rings: Extended - A Middle Earth Podcast

Dylan Blight, Ashley Hobley & Ciaran Marchant discuss all things Middle Earth and break down and review each episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

Radio Mooby’s: A View Askew Podcast

Relax with your favourite meal inside Mooby’s Restaurant and listen to Dylan Blight, Ryan Betson and Buddy Watson take on you on a journey through the View Askew Universe.

South of King’s Landing: Game of Thrones Aftershow

Each week come listen to the predictions, reactions, and breakdowns of each episode of Game of Thrones from the Explosion Network crew.

Studio Ghibli’s Animated Wonders

Studio Ghibli’s work of animated features is some of the most renowned of all time. Join the Explosion Network as they work their way through the library of classic films from the Japanese animation studio.

Alderaan Explosion: A Star Wars Podcast

Alderaan Explosion: Building up hype leading into the latest Star Wars film -- a serial podcast from Join in as we countdown to the latest film in the greatest franchise of all time, Star Wars. We’ll be watching Star Wars material, reading books and comics and breaking down theories and trailers before heading into the cinema to see the newest from a galaxy far, far away.

Apex Predators

In the world of Apex Legends & Titanfall, some exist at the top of the food chain. These are the Apex Predators. Join Dylan Blight as he discusses everything happening in the world of Apex Legends & Titanfall including the latest storylines, characters and gameplay elements.

BevanWorld: A Westworld Aftershow

Dylan Blight & Nicholas Prior break down HBO’s Westworld with hot theories and speculation after each episode.

Beyond The Strange: Life Is Strange Aftershow

A Breakdown and spoilercast discussion of DontNod’s Life Is Strange game series.

Early Late Nights

Ciaran Marchant streamed live to Twitch audiences twice a week with the latest in gaming news, with a particular focus in esports. The show ran for a total of 73 episodes. First Episode: 06/03/2018 Final Episode: 13/03/2019 Original show description: Join Ciaran Marchant as he dives into the latest esports news, results and shenanigans galore.

Pleasure Explosion

The original Explosion Network program that launched this website as ‘Pleasure Explosion’ ran for a total of 69 (nice) episodes. First Episode: 01/03/17 Final Episode: 21/06/18 Original show description: Each week, Thomas Marshall gathers several friends together to catch-up and bring you a show that ranges from heartfelt to laugh-out-loud funny. Laugh, cry -- maybe learn something -- and get to know the Explosion Network crew and friends better in the original Explosion pod -- Pleasure Explosion!”

Review Discussions by Explosion Network

Join some of the Explosion Network as they sit down to have a review discussion about the latest in movies, games, television and more.

The Tales of Theldan: A Dungeons & Dragons Audio Drama

The Tales of Theldan is a Dungeons & Dragons audio drama that combines the best elements of both a D&D show and a highly edited audio-drama to produce a unique production.

Top 5 with the Explosion Network

Top 5 with Nick ran for two seasons. The first saw Nicholas Prior and various guests discuss their top 5 picks for various subjects in gaming. The second season was used for celebrating the best of 2018 in movies, games, music and tv. The show ran for a total of 2 seasons and 20 episodes. First Episode: 07/03/2018 Final Episode: 01/01/2019 Original show description: Join the Explosion Network and guests as they list off and explain their top 5 — from guns in video games to peripherals and much more. For fans of Buzzfeed, Watchmojo and #NicksMiniReview.

Viewing Gods: American Gods Aftershow

A breakdown of every episode of the Starz television series, American Gods, featuring insightful reviews and theories as to where the show could go in the future. We are the Viewing Gods.