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GFBS Grand Forks Best Source

At Grand Forks Best Source Studio we are here to provide the community with local information, events, human interests, hot topics, and more! We want to provide local business’s with an affordable alternative for promoting your business, or specialty.

Dirty Thursday - Audio

The best dirt track racing podcast in existence. Dirty Thursday featuring The Bullring Boys with Jon Roberts & Chad Hoff. Every Thursday at 11am, catch The Bullring Boys as they interview local and national drivers. Listen in as they interview drivers of Street Stocks, Midwest Modifies, Late Models, Lightning Sprints, NOSA Sprints, and everything dirt track racing. Available on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Dirty Thursday is a podcast of Grand Forks Best Source - Check out more GFBS shows at https://gfbestsource.com/shows/

GFBS Morning Updates - Audio

Tired of missing local news segments? Then follow The GFBS Morning Updates every Mon-Fri at 9am. Don’t worry about trying to catch it live, get your daily updates at your convenience. Listen when you want with our recorded broadcasts or catch it live by getting notified on your smart device. Just like it and follow it! Local sports, weather, news and updates at the touch of a finger. Listen wherever you get your podcasts. GFBS Morning Update is a podcast of Grand Forks Best Source - Check out more GFBS shows at https://gfbestsource.com/shows/

Midwest Super Pixel Pros - Audio

Join Dale, Katie, Paul, and a rotating line of guests as they stream and break down a mix of contemporary and retro video games! They also cover the world of video game esports broadcasts, run down the latest new releases, host local tournaments, and scour the depths of the video game landscape in order to bring you the most jam-packed video game hour of the week! Midwest Super Pixel Pros is a podcast of Grand Forks Best Source, for more GFBS shows, please visit - https://gfbestsource.com/shows/

GFBS Interviews - Audio

Grand Forks Best Source “GFBS ” interviews are what truly is giving Grand Forks an identity again! Hosted by Jon Roberts, our interviews discuss everything local and in the surrounding communities. Guest interviews include: area events, local issues, human interest stories, area gossip, hot topics, non profits, city updates and so much more! GFBS interviews are where to find the information you need with organic uninterrupted conversations within the community. Catch them live Mondays and Wednesdays at 11am, or listen at your convenience because like everything at GFBS its all recorded to accommodate your schedule. The GFBS Interview is a podcast of Grand Forks Best Source - Check out more GFBS shows at https://gfbestsource.com/shows/

Common Sense UnSensored - Audio

Hard hitting local topics and national news. Common Sense UnSensored, hosted by Kit Brenan, brings you the conversations you can’t hear on mainstream media or radio. Shows have local guests being interviewed about current events and policies that should be debated, and Kit knows the facts! Check out the show live every Monday at 1pm, or listen at your convenience on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Common Sense UnSensored is a podcast of Grand Forks Best Source - Check out more GFBS shows at https://gfbestsource.com/shows/

Hidden Agenda - Audio

Join Midwest Public Health Coalition Executive Director, David Waterman, and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Dan Stanislowski as they discuss global crisis and the rebuilding of society. Get the facts and follow the science with the guys doing the real research. Every Tuesday at 11am join in on the conversation or listen on your favorite podcast app at your convenience. The Great Reset is a podcast of Grand Forks Best Source - Check out more GFBS shows at https://gfbestsource.com/shows/

Big Screens & TV Streams - Audio

All movie and TV enthusiasts will love this show centered around new shows and the classics. Join Paul, Dale, and Victor as they talk about everything hitting the theaters and the newest streams hitting all the different platforms, netflix, hulu, hbo max etc.. They give you their personal and honest reviews on movies and shows that they have been keeping up with lately. Big Screens & TV Streams is a podcast of Grand Forks Best Source - Check out more GFBS shows at https://gfbestsource.com/shows/

Catfish Best Source - Audio

If you love fishing this is the show for you. Catfish Best Source features host and catfishing guide, Brad Durick. Brad chats with other catfish and fishing enthusiasts on a variety of topics surrounding fishing and catfishing. Catfish Best Source is a podcast of Grand Forks Best Source - Check out more GFBS shows at https://gfbestsource.com/shows/

Forks Sports Highway - Audio

Let’s talk Sports! Hosted by sports guru Monty Stensland, Bill ’The Legend’ Deutsch, the delightful Ravynne Carlson, and information expert, Dale Kulas. Get up to date sports information locally and nationally. Guest interviews from coaches, players, and sports legacies. Get in on the action and join them live every Thursday at 6:30pm. When it comes to sport topics these guys are the experts! This is real conversations that you would have with your friends on game day. If you’re a sports enthusiast, you don’t want to miss out on the Forks Sports Highway! Forks Sports Highway is a podcast of Grand Forks Best Source - Check out more GFBS shows at https://gfbestsource.com/shows/

Icky Ichabod’s Weird Cinema - Audio

An escape from the turmoil of daily life, join Icky Ichabod in his “weird weird weird” cinema reviews. This isn’t your normal movie review. Icky brings up cult horror and suspenseful movies of the past. Listen in as Ichabod discusses rotten tomatoes ratings, actors and characters, special effects, and gruesome story lines. If you want a blast from the past with a little horror and comedy listen in at 9pm on Fridays with our weird, weird, weird, host, Icky Ichabod. Every four weeks, Icky mixes things up and rebrands as Icky Ichabod’s Weird Wrestling, where he jumps into the hardcore, deathmatch, and plain ’ol weird and wacky characters, storylines, and promotions of the pro-wrestling world. Icky Ichabod’s Weird Cinema and Weird Wrestling are podcasts of Grand Forks Best Source - Check out more GFBS shows at https://gfbestsource.com/shows/

Bru Bruthas Podcast

Beer enthusiasts rejoice and join Shannon and Allan each week on The Bru Bruthas podcast as they cover the latest from craft beer and independent beer scene. Each week they will have in-depth reviews of the newest limited run and seasonal brews from local, regional, and national breweries! They also will highlight their national touring at beer conventions, do live taste-testing, and give recommendations for the ideal hops and barley beverage that is best suited for your palette!

City Chatter

Welcome to City Chatter! A podcast about the latest happening and developments from the Grand Forks City Council.

State of the Auction

Welcome to ”State of the Auction.” Each episode, we’ll gather around the virtual auction block to share captivating stories, upcoming auction highlights, and exclusive interviews with industry experts from the heartland of the Midwest. With a casual and friendly atmosphere, our podcast promises to entertain, inform, and leave you eagerly anticipating the next episode. So, buckle up, tune in, and join us on this exciting journey as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of auctions, one episode at a time!

Put a Fork In It

EXP Realtor, Courtney Barstad Logan, hosts ”Put a Fork In It!” She interviews local business owners, entrepreneurs, and event promotors about the latest special interests and happenings in the Grand Forks community.

Mixed Culture With Roosevelt & Kimi

At Mixed Culture with Roosevelt, our vision is to provide a platform where brilliant minds can connect, share insights, and inspire others. Through thought-provoking interviews, we aim to foster intellectual growth and create a community where ideas flourish.

Arts for Vets ND Presents: Local Artist Spotlight

Welcome to Local Artist Spotlight, a monthly podcast where we interview an artist from the area about their background, how they got into the art world, and analyze samples of their work. Arts For Vets ND is a group of Veterans, Military, family members & community members who create great art & events. Everyone is welcomed at Arts for Vets ND, and there is no military requirement needed to join. Visit our gallery at 215 3rd St N, Grand Forks, ND, United States.

Safe Kids Grand Forks

New podcasSafe Kids Grand Forks brings together the expertise of individuals in our community and region who are dedicated to reducing childhood injuries. Safe Kids Grand Forks Coalition members include, but are not limited to: EMS, law enforcement, fire departments, service groups, childcare providers, school personnel, government agencies, city personnel, parents, University of North Dakota staff, and Altru Health System staff. Safe Kids Grand Forks has an extensive coalition network that provides programming in the same service area covered by our lead agency, Altru Health System. Safe Kids Grand Forks cover northeast North Dakota and northwest Minnesota with our injury prevention efforts, helping to keep kids and young adults safe at home, at school, at play and on the way.t weblog