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Breakfast with Champions

Breakfast With Champions

Come grab your seat at the table for motivation, education, and inspiration. Join us as we learn from some of the most successful people in the world how to create the best version of yourself. This is your daily one-stop shop to RISE with intention and purpose, EVOLVE into the best version of yourself, and go out and make a massive IMPACT on this planet! The best part is, with Breakfast with Champions, we get to do it all TOGETHER! Join us daily for new episodes, and check out our website at

#RiseandGrind With Glenn Lundy

Jumpstart your day with #RiseandGrind, the daily morning show hosted by the inspirational Glenn Lundy. Dive deep into motivational conversations, enlightening interviews, and transformative stories that promise to ignite your spirit. Whether you’re searching for personal growth, business insights, or just a daily dose of positivity, Glenn brings an unmatched energy to set your day on the right path. Tune in every morning and rise to your fullest potential!

The thepoopcast’s Podcast

Welcome to ”The Poopcast,” the unconventional podcast that delivers nuggets of wisdom straight from the heart of the bathroom! Join our unnamed narrator as they share life advice, positivity, and hilarious anecdotes, all while comfortably seated on the porcelain throne. In each episode, you’ll be treated to a unique blend of humor and insight as our host tackles everything from the profound to the downright silly. Picture this as your friendly companion for those moments when you need a pick-me-up or a dose of inspiration, conveniently dispensed from the comfort of the bathroom. ”The Poopcast” is more than just a podcast; it’s a sanctuary of positivity, where the mundane becomes extraordinary, and life’s challenges are flushed away with a laugh. Tune in to experience a delightful mix of self-discovery and encouragement, proving that even life’s most profound lessons can be learned in the most unexpected places. So, grab a seat, press play, and let ”The Poopcast” be your go-to source for a dose of laughter and positivity, all while embracing life’s journey, one flush at a time.

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