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Truman’s Matrix Podcast

Truman’s Matrix... you don’t know who’s watching who, or who’s controlling you...

The Ugly Truth Podcast

Welcome to the OFFICIAL Ugly Truth Podcast... not the one about real estate! In this podcast you will find the most digusting, most disturbing truths about the world we live in. Be prepared to be shocked. The Ugly Truth... Hard to listen to, but impossible to ignore.

Digging Deeper LIVE Podcast

LIVE Friday Nights 9-11 pm cst https://www.diggingdeepertv.com

Healthy Living Podcast

Healthy Living - Naturally.

Faith Matters Podcast

Offering Good News in a world of darkness. Andi and Brian Hale bring you daily devotionals, book reviews and a deeper dig into the Word of God and what it can do to save your life from the demon possessed evildoers that roam the earth looking to devour you. We have the answer. Tune in and you’ll quickly learn that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. LISTEN IN for the truth that you need to hear today.

Vaccine War Headlines

This podcast grew out of the numerous alarming injuries and deaths being attributed to the experimental vaccine program under the Emergency Use Act.

R.P. Smith Cowboy Poet

R.P. Smith is a Home Grown Cowboy Poet with a knack for telling stories from his ranch in Nebraska. Listen in for some funny, inspirational cowboy poetry.

Elevate Your Day with Andi and Brian Hale

Welcome. Elevate Your Day Podcast is our fun, morning show! This is Brian Hale and my wife and I have been in the media production and marketing business for 3 decades. Despite being around radio and streaming for so long, we never had our own morning show until now. We start off with a quick look at weather, what’s going on with Hale Multimedia, then we bring our our daily inspiration, before rounding off with This Day in History. We have a ton of fun, so we hope you will join us each M-F, right here on Digging Deeper.

Horseman’s Corner Podcast

Learn how to handle your horse, from some of the greatest minds of all time. Extended interviews exclusive to the web, with people involved in the world of horses. Our two-minute Horseman’s Corner has been on the radio since 1994, but most of these interviews have never been heard before on the radio or otherwise. ENJOY this treasure trove of Howard Hale classics and more!

Cattleman’s Corner Podcast

Exclusive content only available online, from a company that’s been on the radio everyday since 1994. Our two-minute radio program has been successful. Since we have so much great content from the people involved in the livestock industry, we produced longer versions of the program to help us get to know those involved a little better. Listen in if you want to hear directly from the people who put steaks and hamburgers on your table!