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Hereford Network

The Hereford Network has a mission to share stories of the breed’s rich history. 1881 offers a perspective from those in the beef industry and shares the progress that has impacted Hereford operations across the country. The Junior Hereford Show produced by the National Junior Hereford Association brings content for the next generation of Hereford leaders, breeders and enthusiasts. This network will tell the story of why cattlemen and women from across the country are coming home to Hereford.


Powered by the American Hereford Association, 1881, has a mission to share stories of the breed’s rich history in the beef industry, connect with the faces behind the bald face and share the progress that has impacted operations across the country. We’ll bring you content that appeals to cattlemen and women of all ages looking to learn more about the breed bringing people home. Come Home to Hereford.

The Junior Hereford Show

The Junior Hereford Show encourages National Junior Hereford Association members to Learn. Lead. and Achieve. If you have an interest in Hereford cattle and improving yourself as a leader, producer or an individual, then this is meant for your ears.

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