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The Warrior’s Ascent Podcast: From Healing to High-Performance

You are at war....with yourself, and likely don’t realize it. Your thoughts, beliefs, habits, and actions often sabotage you. Are they helping you overcome adversity or setting you up for failure? To win this battle you must connect with your inner Warrior. We all have a Warrior within us, one that strengthens our resolve and helps us rise to meet life’s challenges. If you’re just surviving rather than thriving, then it’s time to embrace the Warrior archetype, live the Warrior Ethos, and ascend. If you are a Veteran, First Responder, or someone looking to take charge of your life, find your tribe, and be the hero of your own story then this podcast is for you. Join Mike Kenny and Matt Hastings, two retired US Army officers who served in US Army Special Forces and Aviation Units, as they share with you the optimal performance practices they learned in their time with the military and Warriors’ Ascent, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps Veterans and First Responders dealing with post-traumatic stress. Best practices developed to fortify the mind, body, and soul to strengthen your resolve and conquer life’s challenges. Vincit Qui Se Vincit