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ERP Confab

ERP Confab features in-depth conversations about the vendors, trends and technologies driving the enterprise resource planning market. TechTarget’s resident ERP expert David Essex chats with the C-suite executives, industry insiders and expert ERP observers. From the factory floor to the metaverse, and everything in between, ERP Confab has it covered.

Healthcare Strategies

A podcast for healthcare professionals seeking solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s top challenges. Hosted by the editors of Xtelligent Healthcare Media, this podcast series focuses on real-world use cases that are leading to tangible improvements in care quality, outcomes, and cost. Guests from leading provider, payer, government, and other organizations share their approaches to transforming healthcare in a meaningful and lasting way.

Tech Beyond the Hype

Introducing Tech Beyond the Hype, the podcast that aims to help you get your head around big trends in the ever-changing landscape of work. Explore the transformative trends shaping the global economy—ESG, AI, Web 3.0, Blockchain, Machine Learning—and gain a clearer understanding of their impact on the future of business and work. In each episode, series host Ana Salom invites an industry leader, expert, or academic to discuss the significance and practical applications of a different trend, and explore how it is impacting the future of how we work. Subscribe to Tech Beyond the Hype for a fresh perspective on the latest business and tech trends. Find us wherever you get your podcasts and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of work.

Tech News this Week

Each week, TechTarget’s news team provides candid insight and analysis of the biggest IT news headlines of the week.

Women in Cybersecurity

A podcast and interactive community designed to spotlight women in cybersecurity and celebrate their achievements and contributions.

Targeting AI

Hosts Shaun Sutner, TechTarget News senior news director, and AI news writer Esther Ajao interview AI experts from the tech vendor, analyst and consultant community, academia and the arts as well as AI technology users from enterprises and advocates for data privacy and responsible use of AI. Topics are related to news events in the AI world but the episodes are intended to have a longer, more ”evergreen” run and they are in-depth and somewhat long form, aiming for 45 minutes to an hour in duration. The podcast will occasionally host guests from inside TechTarget and its Enterprise Strategy Group and Xtelligent divisions as well and also include some news-oriented episodes featuring Sutner and Ajao reviewing the news.