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Israel- Why is the Middle East Important? Neil Johnson and Jeff Pelletier

Hello! Got time for Coffee? Are you a Christian? Do You follow Jesus? Do know about your Jewish Roots? Join the conversation as we discuss Israel, Yeshua, (Jesus) and learn about the reconciliation of the Old and New Testament! Neil and I have these conversations in our favorite coffee shop. So what we’ve done is simulate the atmosphere we are so comfortable in, with the use of an audio track from an actual coffee shop! This conversation is exactly like all of our conversations about Israel and the Middle East and now you can experience them just as we do when we have coffee together. Our goal is to help you to see that God’s plan for the world IS ALL ONE BIG PLAN. We take you through the FIRST Testament into the Second Testament and carefully UNFOLD the PLAN of God for you, and the world. There is no better way to understand your Christian faith then to v...

Discover Your Life’s Core Purpose

Discover Your Life’s Core Purpose is a podcast dedicated to exploring the profound journey of uncovering your Life’s Core Purpose. Each episode delves into the intricacies of identifying one’s core competence and core passion, blending expert insights with real-life stories. Listeners are guided to unearth their unique abilities and deepest desires, aiming to create a harmonious alignment between their skills and what they care deeply about. This podcast serves as a beacon for anyone seeking to lead a more meaningful, impactful life by connecting their talents with their aspirations to make a positive difference in the world.NOT just ”pie in the sky” but actual success in all of life BEGINNING with your Career.