New Founding

The ALIGN Podcast

The ALIGN Podcast brings you interviews from business owners who love America and Americans. Listen as Bart Lomont interviews patriotic entrepreneurs who are making in and for their country.

America’s Moment

Listen as Molly McCann breaks down and analyzes today’s political developments. Molly is a federal appellate lawyer with experience working in all three branches of government as well as grassroots politics. She has the experience and the perspective you need to navigate America’s defining moment.


This is a conversation for women who find themselves alienated, frustrated, or confused by a culture that tells us our womanhood is fungible. Whether it’s the corporate world encouraging you to freeze your eggs or the people around you encouraging you to behave like a man in even more sensitive areas of life, this podcast seeks to understand better ways of being women. Listen as host Helen Roy explores the reality and possibilities of modern womanhood in this age of dysphoria, detraction, and distraction.


Former White House political adviser Paige Willey delivers a relentless deep dive into the current American condition. Drawing on her experience in Washington, she studies the dysfunction facing our country and outlines the way forward to restore our nation’s promise. Paige believes the great questions of our time will not be resolved with talking points and platitudes. THIS IS YOUR COUNTRY gets straight to the heart of the matter. Politics and strategy will be studied. The corrupt and craven ruling class will be skewered. Our degraded economy, society and culture will be scrutinized. Why? Because the American ethos has always been to believe a better way is possible—then to make it happen. Americans deserve a champion. The promise of our nation is slipping away. It’s time to build the great American revival. Subscribe, leave a review, and rate 5 stars if you enjoyed THIS IS YOUR COUNTRY. Be sure to follow Paige on Twitter @midwesterneur.

The Matthew Peterson Show

The geographic, digital, and financial movement of millions of people and billions of dollars out from under the control of woke states, woke digital technology, and woke corporations and capital has begun. Matthew Peterson explores this rising commercial- cultural movement, highlighting the ideas, issues, and people working to revitalize an American way of life. Join him as he analyzes the obstacles standing in our path to uncover real-world solutions and lays out a positive vision for what must now be done to save America.

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