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The Bloodied Field Podcast

The Bloodied Field podcast is the story of the terrible events of Bloody Sunday at Croke Park on November 21, 1920 when the crowd at a Gaelic football match were attacked and 14 innocent people never came home. Over eight carefully crafted episodes focusing on the build up, the event and the aftermath, the master storyteller Michael Foley delivers a haunting and moving depiction of this seismic event in Irish and GAA history and remembers the people who were lost. Written and produced by Michael Foley. Edited by Andrew Foley. The Bloodied Field Podcast is a TwoCubes production for the GAA.

The Summer of 98 GAA Podcast

The Summer of ’98 is a vivid retelling of one of the most chaotic and colourful GAA seasons of all time. Over seven episodes Michael Foley revisits the story of a summer that ultimately transformed into a passageway for the GAA between one era and another, gathering together the stories and personalities that shaped not just that summer, but the entire age. From the battling Clare hurlers to the soap opera twists that engulfed Offaly, the mould breaking footballers of Kildare and Galway, old rivalries renewed, moments of high controversy powered by emotion scarcely seen before or since, all backdropped by a summer of tragedy and tension in Northern Ireland that impacted every part of the island including the GAA, every last detail joins like a mosaic depicting one of the most important and game-changing years in the GAA’s long history. The Summer of ’98 is written and produced for the GAA by Michael Foley and edited by Andrew Foley.

GAA Tailteann Cup Group Chat 2024

Ahead of the 2024 GAA Tailteann Cup #GAANOW hosted a group chat with players gearing up to do battle. Listen to the audio here.