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The Zelda Cast

Andy and Al bring you the latest Zelda news, theories, reactions, analysis, and shenanigans in The Zelda Cast, the internet’s best weekly Legend of Zelda podcast!

Omega Metroid Podcast

The best weekly podcast dedicated to all things Metroid! Join hosts Andy, Dak, and Doom as they talk Samus, Space Pirates, Nintendo, and everything in between!

Virtual Theater

Gooey Fame and Andy Spiteri host Virtual Theater, a podcast about video game movies and the stories that shaped them!

Flashback 64 | A Nintendo 64 Podcast

Gooey, McKenna, and friends flashback to the 90s and early 2000s with a look at the Nintendo 64’s catalogue. Starting with the console’s launch titles and proceeding in release order, they discuss each game and the contemporary cultural and historical context. https://linktr.ee/flashback64

The Spiteri’s Review

Sam and Andy share their thoughts on the latest shows, movies, and happenings, with the banter that only a married couple can provide!

Movies That Whip

we watch movies that whip