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Parenting Matters Now with Dr. Roger Smith

3-minute parenting tips and ideas to help families be more successful. No technical jargon, just common-sense, practical advice you can apply today.

Coastline Foursquare Church Eureka

Here at Coastline we are passionate for God and pursue living a life of worship in relationship with Jesus that carries His manifest presence.

Wood Street Chapel

Wood Street Chapel is a Foursquare church located in Fortuna California.

Authentic Church OC

Authentic Church is a community of people passionate about loving God, loving people, and living an authentic life that reflects the heart of God to the world around us. We are a bible-based, spirit-empowered, presence-driven church in Orange County, CA.

Teacher Edition Podcast

Are you a Christian school educator looking for a podcast that’s fun, encouraging, and biblical? Look no further! The Teacher Edition podcast is a dynamic and engaging show that’s specifically designed for educators just like you. Join Jenny as she interviews fellow educators and other professionals to get insights and inspiration that will help you in the classroom. But they don’t just talk theory - they’re all about practical tips and ideas that you can use right away! Whether you’re looking for new instructional strategies, ideas for infusing technology into your lessons, help in working with struggling students, or ways to approach current events from a Biblical perspective, she’s got you covered. So if you’re ready to be encouraged, equipped, and entertained, join us on the Teacher Edition podcast! Head over to our website at to subscribe and start listening today. Remember, as a Christian educator, you’re making a difference - and she’s here to support you every step of the way.

Juggling Life, Finding Balance Podcast with Vivian Cumins

”God created us to thrive, not just survive.” ~ Vivian Cumins Welcome to Juggling Life, Finding Balance, the podcast that is all about uncovering the secrets to living a balanced and abundant life. As a professional, writer, podcast host, military spouse, mom, and grandma, I know the challenge of juggling a busy life. As a recovering perfectionist and control freak, I understand the need to keep it all together. In this podcast, we’ll dive into strategies, stories, and expert insights that unravel the mysteries of balance. Whether it’s juggling work and personal life, balancing mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, or finding harmony in relationships and passions, this podcast is designed to encourage busy women who are juggling life, to find balance.If you are ready to enjoy the life you have been given – to stop striving and start thriving, then you are in the right place! As a bonus, tune in for special episodes of Sister Talk with my co-host, Becca, where we talk about what ...

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