Christine Forte Klotz

Mental Oasis

Christine Forte is a coach and psychotherapist working with individuals to move in the direction of achieving their goals and dreams. She recognizes the importance of tailoring her approach to each person in order to help them in identifying and healing from any blocks that may exist in their path towards a freer and more joyful life. She is also the host of the Mental Oasis podcast and a published writer.

Passionate about travel and expanding her understanding of other cultures, Christine has lived abroad in three different countries: Hungary, Italy, and most recently, China. Recently returned to the U.S. after ten years living in Shanghai, she has come to more personally understand how each place where we live informs who we become and our own individual culture. She has worked with people from more than 35 countries and considers it a privilege to have gotten to participate in the journeys of such a diverse group of amazing people. She believes in the importance of mindful meditation and developing one’s inner resources, which is what led to the development of her podcast.

Christine holds a doctorate in psychology and a master's in counseling. She is certified in hypnotherapy, EMDR, and Gottman methods for couples. She is available to work with clients globally.

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