Kate Cocker

Everyday Positivity

Kate Cocker is a Presenter Coach and NLP Practitioner with 20 years of radio and audio production under her belt. After hitting one of those career burnouts and overcoming a big bout of depression, Kate launched "Everyday Positivity" through the Volley Network, on a mission to remind people to be kind to themselves. The podcast quickly became one of Amazon Echo's top rated Flash Briefings and has since grown a community of positivity seekers from around the world.

Kate tells stories, shares experiences and gives thoughts for the day in 2 minute daily episodes. The content is designed to be a nudge for the listener to counteract their negative self-talk, to lean in to the messiness of life, and take a moment to smile, breathe and practice gratitude. For Kate, positivity isn't about pasting a smile over the cracks of life, it's about knowing you can cope with the cracks of life, and this podcast should leave you feeling that you have 100% got this.

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