Rachael Smith

Trying Again

Trying Again is a podcast that tells a story of miscarriage, of the usually silent 1 in 4, through the eyes of producer and host, Rachael Smith.

It is a mix of interviews with people sharing their stories of miscarriage and baby loss, expert advice and information on miscarriage treatments, research and services, audio drama and honest discussions on issues surrounding miscarriage including body awareness, mental health and grief management.

Rachael is a journalist based in the UK. The inspiration for the podcast came from her having tests following multiple miscarriages. Whilst researching her own situation and trying to understand the changes going on in her body and more importantly – why. She had found she was part of a community that she never knew existed.

She wanted to investigate this more and look into why there’s a taboo; why are her babies dying; what can she do to help her mental health? what happens if she can’t ever have a baby - what is her place in society then?

The more she researched, the more she found that she may be able to help herself, and perhaps some others feeling as lonely and isolated, if she shared the stories.

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