Sophie Jaffe and Dr. Adi Jaffe


From suffering comes healing, Dr. Adi Jaffe and Sophie Jaffe were two souls destined to find each other. They became bound and embarked on a journey that would forever change them both for the best. IGNTD is their gift to the world, utilizing their expertise of relationship & intimacy building, physical, mental, and emotional health, neuroscience, sex and pleasure, self-actualization and much more. Their mission is to ignite everyone around them, across every facet of life - relationships, career, and well-being. So they created IGNTD’s Relationships, Recovery Secrets and their newest series Motivation, where they take an honest exploration into all things relationships and recovery. From intimacy and sex to cheating and rebuilding trust all the way to death, drugs, spirituality, friendships, work, health, wellness, and success…they don’t leave anything on the table. Dr. Adi Jaffe is the author of the Abstinence Myth and a recovering addict. Sophie Jaffe is a Los Angeles based wellness influencer with her own brand of superfoods called Philosophie.

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