Susie Sands

Sound and Energy Healer

Susie Sands is a trained Sound and Energy Healer based in Westchester County, New York. She has trained with one of the industry's leading Sound Healers, Jeralyn Glass. Susie uses crystal alchemy sound bowls made of pure quartz crystal that have been infused with precious metals, rare gemstones and other earth elements to create vessels that produce a beautiful resonant sound when vibration is introduced into them. The sounds created by the bowls have an immersive quality, rich in musical overtones that washes over the body and soul to create a unique experience of healing.

Sound healing has many benefits, helping to: release trauma, chronic pain, depression, sleep, anxiety, improved focus, supporting one's immune system and overall health, and helps to achieve homeostasis. During a sound healing session you may experience sensations of heat, vibrations, slight pain or tingling, sense of joy or harmony, connectedness, deep relaxation and a sense of calm. When a crystal sound bowl is alive with vibrations the sound and harmonic rhythms sync with our body to create change within our physical, mental and emotional state.

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