Tina Lifford

Love From A Distance

Hollywood veteran Tina Lifford plays the vivacious breakout character Aunt Vi on the critically acclaimed television drama, Queen Sugar. She has played over 100 characters in her long-standing career, including notable roles on Scandal and Parenthood.

Equally accomplished behind the camera, Tina is the respected playwright of THE CIRCLE, a play about how seven diverse women navigate the choppy waters of life together; author of The Little Book of BIG LIES (released by Harper Collins in November 2019); and CEO of The Inner Fitness Project, a personal development network committed to making the practices and benefits of “Inner Fitness” as familiar, well understood and accessible as those of physical fitness. Tina refers to herself as an Inner Fitness Advocate and Strategist, providing information and life strategies that build a strong, resilient inner Self capable of masterfully navigating life's challenges and opportunities. In particular, Tina's focus offers a lifeline to those who have come to the sobering realization that a mate, career, money and a big house…and even the kids they love deeply…don’t fulfill the “something’s missing” that only a rich relationship with one’s Self provides.

Through the Inner Fitness lens, Tina encourages everyone, no matter their age, to acknowledge the Self that lives inside, embrace their innate worth and learn to take her power back from old hurt, in order to BE fully alive and thrive.

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